Achieving A Work-Life Balance Despite Arthritis with the HandyRx LLLT

Arthritis is never known to make anything easy - that includes being at work and dealing with numerous pain flare-ups just as fast and often (or even worse!) that your deadlines approach. You certainly can’t stay home everyday and rest to deal with the pain arthritis causes, but luckily there are some quick fixes for managing arthritis pain while you’re at work, including new pain relief methods like laser therapy treatments with the HandyRx device.

Here are seven quick tips and fixes for managing your arthritis pain and dealing with it at work:

Organization is Key

It’s always important to be organized, but more so when you have arthritis. By staying organized through maintaining a regular schedule, it’s easier to handle your symptoms. For instance, if the pain usually wears you out at night and you feel especially tired in the mornings, you can make arrangements for a later start in your workday, or in more extreme cases, arrange to work at home for a couple of days a week.

Add to changes in schedule, and depending on the nature of your job, you may also be able to request a transfer or shift in your responsibilities. For instance, you can request to take on duties that put less stress on your joints, without having to leave your job completely.

Conserve Energy

Make sure that your tasks are balanced. For example, if you’re supposed to lift boxes, make sure that a portion of your time afterwards is spent on desk activities so you don’t get tired and cause further strain on arthritic joints. Moderation is key when you have arthritis, and in this way, you can still get the exercise you need without causing further strain on your joints and flare-ups to occur. When flare-ups do occur, you’ll want to have the HandyRx laser therapy device for arthritis within reach, so you can recover faster, and get back to work sooner.

Use Modern Office Supplies

The best thing about working in this day and age while dealing with arthritis is that it’s possible to stay on top of your game, thanks to lots of new technology. Pain relief is more accessible now, thanks to the HandyRx laser therapy device you can use at home, or bring to work with you to quickly and effectively treat pain caused by arthritis.

To work better and avoid yourself out, you can opt to use voice recognition software to minimize manual operations you have to do yourself; a headset to avoid straining arthritic joints in your arms; ergonomic keyboard and mouse to use the computer with ease; and an adjustable chair to keep you comfortable at your desk.

Take a Break

Without proper rest and allowing your body to recover from stress, you’d be causing too much strain your body and already arthritic joints won’t be able to handle. To avoid this, make sure to take regular breaks every 20 to 30 minutes. Simply standing up and walking or stretching for at least 5 minutes can go a long way in keeping your joints flexible. You can also use the HandyRx laser therapy device to treat pain and stiffness caused by arthritis while you were seated or had limited movement.

Move Around with Help

Severe arthritis is known to impact mobility, and that includes having trouble walking or moving around. If you experience this, try a mobility aid, like a scooter to help you move around better. Additionally, you can also use undergo laser therapy treatments for arthritis to help condition your joints, and in just a short time, you can improve mobility and move around on your own again, no longer slowed down by pain and stiffness.

Considering a Bigger Change? Choose Wisely

If you really are looking to change jobs in order to better manage your arthritis, you should do so wisely. When considering a new job, make sure that you completely understand the limitations of your condition, and factor these into the responsibilities you are about to take on. Also, make sure that your new workplace has measures in place for accommodating your condition and managing it better.

Achieve a true work-life balance despite pain and limited mobility caused by arthritis. Work and live better with these tips, and a smart use of the HandyRx laser therapy device for arthritis. Order yours online to take to work today!