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B Cure is a medical device that enables you to provide faster healing treatments for the following: pain, wounds, burns, sports injuries, inflammation, acne, skin rejuvenation and acupuncture treatments. You and your patients will be amazed by its effectiveness.

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B Cure Laser LLLT-808

Low Level Laser Treatment

TheB Cure device uses an advanced technology for soft laser therapy.

The device is lightweight, clinically tested to provide results, portable, non-invasive, rechargeable, user-friendly and highly efficient - all at a reasonable price.

B Cure is a medical device that enables you to provide faster treatments of the following: pain, wounds, burns, sports injuries, inflammation, acne, skin rejuvenation and acupuncture treatments. You and your patients will be amazed by its effectiveness.

B Cure provides equal healing power of the stationary, full-size soft laser machines that are in the expensive medical care facilities.


What Is Soft Laser Therapy?

LLLT - low level laser treatment

Soft Laser is also known by the name cold laser - a low level laser beam in the range of 1-1000mW.

It has one defined wavelength, which is consistent and moves in one phase and in one direction. The soft laser penetrates the skin without heating or hurting the skin.

Soft laser treatment causes the body to stimulate a natural healing mechanism on a cellular and systemic level, also know as bio-stimulation.


Once the cell absorbs the laser beam’s energy, it goes into an "optimal function mode", a natural, self-healing process begins that stimulates a chain of reactions:


  • ~Blood flow stimulation,

  • ~Energizing cell activity and

  • ~Inner-cell communication.


The chain reaction causes the body to release, activate and accelerate a number of processes which result in a reduction in back pain, anti-inflammatory activity, skin rejuvenation, and anti-aging/ wrinkle improvement.


Therapists are using soft laser technology all over the world, in order to treat the following conditions:


Skeletal and Tissue Pains and Injuries

  • Rheumatic and/or chronic joint inflammation

  • Sports injuries, wounds, and fresh scars

  • Lower and upper back pain; neck pain

  • Plantar fasciitis and sprains

  • Tennis elbow

  • Achilles tendon infection

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Lymphedema - Edema


Medical Dermatology

  • Acne

  • Burns

  • Scars

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Vitiligo (pale patches of skin)

  • Herpes simplex



  • Aging and Dermatolysis of the face

  • Wrinkles

  • Sensitive skin

  • Post pregnancy stretch marks


Treatment Advantages of LLLT 808

  • Clinical results for pain relief, healing acceleration for inflammation, as well as skeletal, tissue, and skin injuries.

  • Enables daily treatment and treatment continuity for optimal results.

  • An ideal device for first aid and immediate care for a large variety of problems.

  • Natural healing and non-invasive treatment.

  • Suitable for both professional and personal use.

  • Increases the efficiency of traditional physiotherapy and conventional treatments.

  • Decreases the consumption of chemical medication.

  • Easy to operate and user friendly.

  • Light, portable, and rechargeable for continuous operation of over 5 hours.


General Information:

During the first four days of treatment, it is recommended to use the device twice a day, as noted in the table. Afterwards, treat only once a day for all types of therapy until the problem is resolved. Nonetheless, individual sessions should be administered according to the needs of the patient, and the desired therapeutic results.

The treatment should be consistent intervals and begin as soon as possible after the injury. A treatment can be carried out on an area covered by a bandage or garment but it will be less effective, treatment is most effective on bare skin clear of clothing, bandages, etc.

Again, the recommended treatment times and instructions are indicated in the table below. Dosages can be modified to accommodate the patient's needs and well-being.


Technical Details:


Perfect coherence - LLLT-808 is the only perfectly coherent beam over an area as large as 4.5 cm².

Treatment area and time

A very large area of 4.5 cm² is covered in each treatment with one completely coherent beam. Due to this high efficiency, a smaller number of shorter treatments (75% approx.) is required. Average treatment area for competitor portable devices is only 1 cm².

Peak power

High - 250mW (a quarter watt) in micro-pulses, which guarantees maximal penetration and effectiveness. The average peak power for competitor devices is 30-50 mW.

Energy density

High - average 0.9 joules per minute per cm².

Peak energy per minute

14.4 joules over the entire treated area. Extremely high power contributes to greater effectiveness.


Unlike continuous waves, micro-pulses allow for an increase in the beam's power and ability to deeply penetrate to the source of the problem, thus increasing the treatment's effectiveness.


173 g - light, portable and rechargeable - ready to use anywhere at any given moment.

Operation methods

By pressing the treatment start button (located on the side) in order to operate without touching the skin. By pressing the device directly onto the skin or treatment area for a deeper effective treatment.

Safety goggles

No need for safety goggles – Class 1 safety approval.

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    Great pain relief
    Review by Virginia W, NYC / (Posted on 11/18/2017)
    I came across your B Cure when I was searching on Quora for comments about the TQsolo, I also noticed the handyrx product that looked identical but I couldn't figure out why is the price difference so big. anyways I ordered the b cure for the holiday as a gift.
  • Price
    Should have read the reviews first
    Review by Kimberly / (Posted on 9/28/2017)
    For the same or less money I could have ordered the Handyrx, I was not aware or else I would have exchanged it for the handyrx.




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