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The Livia kit includes everything you need to stop period pains! buy with confidence, we offer 120 days money back guarantee* and everyday low price that includes FREE shipping without a minimum order. It’s a compact little device with a tremendous relief. Once you try Livia, you’ll see why so many women are so excited about it!

Right now you will also receibve an additional 6 month supply of gel pads with your order.

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LIVIA Livia is the new drug free solution for menstrual pain. End Period Pain. Peiod!

  • Free shipping 
  • 120 Days money back guarantee*
  • Approved by CE, FDA, Health Canada.

FREE - Additional 6 Month Supply of Gel Pads. 

* Shipping is always FREE (no minimum)
* We provide tracking with no extra charge (Others require $150 minimum)
* Lowest price or we match (from authorized)
* 120 Days money back guarantee (not the standard 60 days)

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The Livia kit includes everything you need to stop period pains right in their tracks. It’s a compact little device with a tremendous relief. Once you try Livia, you’ll see why so many women are so excited about it!

(*) $50 restocking fee on money back.


Livia is a drug-free solution. Using two electrodes that transmit electric pulses to your lower abdominal area, Livia blocks the cramps. It’s simple, and has no side effects.

Instant Relief

Livia’s pulses address the pain immediately. There is no waiting and no adjustments are needed.

Scientifically Proven

9 out of 10 women suffer from menstrual pains. 2 out of 10 consider them unbearable. At least half had tried a variety of solutions. Livia is the perfect solution. Using technology-based on gate control theory, Livia transmits a very specific pulse that keeps the nerves “busy”. Busy nerves mean that the nerve gate is closed; pain signals can’t pass through and are not felt.


When placing the order to buy Livia, you will be asked for the color choice, but that is not all, you can buy different skins in different colors to swith the color of your Livia any time.

Impressive Clinical Results

A leading medical institution conducted an independent clinical study in which 163 women who suffer from significant menstrual pain were given a Livia device. Did Livia help? 80% of the women said that Livia allowed them to significantly or completely eliminate the use of pain medications.

Livia: The drug-free solution to menstrual pain. Period!

Just listen to the doctor

“Over 50% of women suffer primarily menstrual cramps, for which they consume large amounts of painkillers. Livia uses a pain relief method that does not involve drug consumption. The idea is to close the "pain gates". The device stimulates the nerves, making it impossible for the pain to pass. The method Livia uses has been proven effective in several clinical studies and I strongly recommend the use of the device to relieve PMS at any time.”

-Prof. Bari Kaplan 

Using Livia is easy 

  • 1 Clip it ON 
  • 2 Turn it ON
  • 3 Feel the RELIEF 

What is in the Livia kit?

  • (1) Livia Device
  • (1) Livia Classic Cover (in color of your choice)
  • (1) Livia USB Charging cable
  • (1) Livia Travel Case
  • (1) Livia Flower Pads
  • (3) Months Supply of Gel Pads 3 Feel the RELIEF What is in the Livia kit? 

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  • Quality
    Great product
    Review by Joanna / (Posted on 12/6/2017)
    Livia is what a friend told me to buy, she is already using it. I looked for a good price and thank you again for Cyber monday. I since received my Livia (fast!) and will be using it soon ;) but overall my experience with your shop from the very first minute I asked for a call is amazing. Thank you.
  • Price
    Great product
    Review by Joanne / (Posted on 12/5/2017)
    Love it, works, good price, fast shipping




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