Livia’s Period Pain Quick Facts

Despite being being one of the most common sources of pain for women, there is a lot that most people don’t know about period pain. However, understanding your menstrual cycle and the pain that accompanies it is important to learning to better handle and alleviate period pain - so you can get back your daily routine without painful interruptions.

Luckily, with devices like the Livia offering a drug-free solution to period pain at an affordable price, combating period pain is easier than ever. Keep reading below for Livia’s period pain quick facts and more about how you can live pain free all month long.

Quick Facts About Period Pain & Symptoms

Period pains are worse during the winter

Although there is little information on why this is, it’s highly common for women to report more painful periods during the colder months. Researchers are still searching for the reasons behind this, but most experts blame this phenomena on the lack of vitamin D, higher levels of sedentary activity, increased hormonal secretion associated with cold, winter months.

Cramps and other symptoms are caused by contractions

Yes, that means contractions like labour contractions - albeit, in a much milder form. During your period, your uterus is working to shed its lining and blood that it builds up during other weeks of your menstrual cycle. As it’s doing this, your uterus contracts which causes cramps as well as other symptoms like blood clots.

Period’s can cause iron deficiency

Although, on average, women only lose about a cup of blood (or less) during their period, losing that blood still means losing extra iron. Lack of iron can cause fatigue among other symptoms that can make period pains feel even worse than usual. An easy way to combat this is to eat iron rich foods like spinach, oatmeal, and tofu.

Some menstrual cramps can be as painful as early labor

As mentioned earlier, period pains and other symptoms are caused by contractions. While these usually cause milder pain than actual labor contractions, some women experience cramps that are just as painful as early labor.

Face Period Pain Head-On with the Livia

Although common, period pains are debilitating and disrupting to many women’s daily lives, especially when combined with other symptoms such as fatigue and mood disruptions. In fact, studies have shown that menstrual symptoms lead to 100 million lost work hours every year in Canada. Thankfully, the Livia offers a drug-free solution to period pain at an affordable price, so you can get back to your daily routine.

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