Back Pain Relief

Back aches and pains, especially in the lower back area, are extremely common today for many reasons that occur in everyday life and in our daily routines. The Handy Cure, HandyRX and LaserTRX Cold Laser Devices use a technology that combines different energies to helps reduce these pains.

Cold laser pain relief devices not only work for your back, but can work anywhere you experience pain- and can heal it faster and more effectively than other methods.The Handy Cure / HandyRX and Laser TRX are small, mobile devices that you can safely use in the comfort of your home, at work or while traveling, and the results can be compared with those used by professionals in clinics. Unlike TENs machines, the treatment from the LLLT laser penetrates deeper, is more targeted and results are long lasting.


It's not just adults that experience back pain; nowadays it is not uncommon for kids and teens to have muscle or back pains from sports or other activities. Making the decision to purchase a Handy Cure device is a great investment not only for adults, but for the entire family. While the device is safe to use on children, please follow the instructions carefully and talk to your pediatrician or family physician prior in case there are any other health concerns.


Symptoms You May Experience

There are a couple of signs and symptoms associated with back pain which include:


  • Numbness

  • Weight loss or gain

  • Inflammation or swelling on the back area

  • Persistent pain, even while lying down

  • Fever

  • Pain in the back, shoulders, knee and leg areas

Causes of Back Pain

Fact, over 80% of the population in western countries suffer from back pain in some form or another. It is often diagnosed as muscle strain, which is damage caused to the muscle when it is stretched or torn. This usually happens when someone lifts something that is too heavy for them, or lifts it improperly.


Back pain can be the result of poor posture and regular, repetitive everyday activities. These are simple things that people do all the time, without realizing how it can hurt their backs. These things include bending awkwardly, carrying heavy items, pushing or pulling something, standing for long periods, or kneeling down for too long. Sitting in a hunched position, such as sitting a desk or driving, for too long are very common ways of causing back pain that most people don’t often pay attention to. Also, sleeping on a bad mattress that doesn’t have the right support to keep the spine straight, and people with sleep disorders are more likely to develop back pain.


Structural problems are also known to cause back pain. These can be several things, such as ruptured or bulging disks along the spine, resulting in pressure on nerves and causing back pain. Arthritis, in terms of back pain, causes problems with the lower back, joints in the hips, and in some cases spinal stenosis can occur and cause problems along the spine. People who have an abnormal curvature of the spine are more likely to suffer from back pain. While the Handy Cure won’t cure these problems, it will help relieve the pain and create longer lasting relief over time.  

Other Factors


Back pain is not just caused from muscle strain or sport related injuries, there are actually many unexpected causes that are not physical can occur on a day to day basis. A mentally stressful job can cause muscle and back pain, as well as sitting in the same same position all day without taking breaks or stretching.


Overly strenuous physical exercise or work, like not doing exercises properly or standing too long can cause aches and pain in the back. Depression and anxiety have also been known to cause physical pain.


While people of all ages experience back pain, it is more common in older adults, especially women.  Obesity or weight gain puts more strain on the back and can result in pain. Also, back pain is a symptom common during pregnancy, and pregnant women should consult a doctor before using the Handy Cure to treat their back pain.

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