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LLLT Laser for Pain Relief at Home Device

Pain Relief Online offers eligible resellers highly innovative medical technology that has been tested to outperform all competitors. Our products, coupled with extensive experience in marketing and customer care gives you an edge over competitors. Our products are often used at home, in clinics and wellness centers, in sport clubs and gyms,  by chiropractors, physical therapists, and physicians.


Looking to resell pain relief solutions and skin treatment products? Are you a healthcare professional, wholesaler or an online shop owner?


Pain Relief Online offers suitable resellers great incentives and medically proven quality products. Pain Relief Online is also backed by years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.


Our offer includes:


  • Volume discounted pricing

  • Blind drop shipping

  • Product support and marketing

  • Experience

  • Global marketing programs in place


Our products are innovative, and are engineered to exceed the average home care device in costs and in functions. In fact, many similar devices are often two or three times the cost of our products, but are not nearly as effective.


Pain-Relief Online products can benefit many clients and conditions, including:

  • athletic injuries

  • back and lower back pain

  • shoulder, neck, foot and muscle pain

  • chronic pain

  • arthritis

  • fungal diseases

  • skin conditions

  • Fibromyalgia

Pain-Relief Online has many years of experience, and is an industry leader in customer satisfaction. Moreover, thanks to our many years of marketing and brand recognition experience, we can help build your online store faster.


Like any good idea, it all starts with extensive research and facts. Pain-Relief Online is happy to schedule a meeting where we can discuss your unique business and online store needs. Together, we can create a truly successful for you and your customers.  


Interested in innovative pain management solutions? Please contact us for more details of how to become a reseller.


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