Treating Scoliosis with Exercise and Laser Therapy (LLLT)

When you have scoliosis, the S- or C-shaped curve in your spine can make day-to-day movements increasingly difficult, depending on the severity. Scoliosis develops as a result of genetics, uneven pelvic position, past spinal or joint surgeries, knee or foot distortions, or even head injuries. Commonly, scoliosis requires bracing to correct the curve, and in severe cases, surgery may even be necessary, but to cope with the daily stress and improve dexterity, exercise may be suggested. Combined with the use of laser therapy treatment for scoliosis, these exercises can help relieve the pain, while preserving optimal daily function.

Re-Educate Your Body through Stretching

Due to the curvature in your spine, scoliosis causes much imbalance, which can fortunately be restored by finding new ways to move around. In the process, the stretching that occurs “re-educates” the affected muscles and bones and guides their safe and proper movement despite the onset of scoliosis.

First, you can drive your body in the direction that it is already bending towards, stretching further. This causes the muscle you are stretching to pull back, slightly shortening. As scoliosis affects the ability of the central nervous system to help muscles contract and shorten, stretching them yourself can solve this problem.

Alternatively, the second stretch requires doing the opposite. Instead of stretching in the direction that your body is bending towards, stretch in the opposite way. Doing this helps muscles that have gone lax, restoring their function in the process. To stretch safely and avoid feeling sore, or experiencing pain, use the HandyRx laser therapy treatment for scoliosis for fast and long-lasting therapeutic relief following a good stretch.

Exercises for Scoliosis

With the help of laser therapy treatment for scoliosis, you can safely proceed with these exercises and rest assured that your workout will be effective and pain-free:

Step Down and One-Arm Reach

Start with whichever leg appears longer when you lay on your back, and step onto a small box or step. Then, bend into the knee while lowering the other down to the floor. While going down, raise your arm on the same side as the lowered leg, reaching as high as possible. Perform 2 to 3 sets of 5 to 10 repetitions on one side only. After exercising, use your HandyRx laser therapy treatment device to stop the onset of pain from scoliosis, and put your muscles at ease.

Upward and Downward Dog

Start in a plank position with your arms stretched out straight in front of you. Then, push your hips back and up as far as you can handle. Hold the position for 2 seconds, then slowly lower your hips back on the floor. As you perform 2 to 3 sets of 5 to 10 repetitions, the goal is to lower yourself as much as possible without causing discomfort or pain in your back. If you do, however, experience pain after your workout, laser therapy treatment for scoliosis using the Handy Cure device can relieve your pain by restoring circulation to affected tissues.

Split Stance with Arm Reach

Start by stepping forward with your longer leg in front in a slightly exaggerated stride, while keeping your torso as upright as possible. Then, shift your weight back and forth, and bend the forward knee as weight shifts onto it. As you shift your weight forward, raise the arm opposite of the leg in front, reaching as high as possible, while your other arm reaches as far as possible to the back, with palms facing up. This exercise causes the torso and spine to turn toward the side of the leg in front, as you perform 2 to 3 sets of 5 to 10 repetitions.

After exercising, get your muscles to recover even faster from the possible strain with laser therapy treatment for arthritis using the HandyRx device. The lasers penetrate deep into the affected tissue to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote the renewal of damaged cells and tissues. In the process, and along with safe and regular exercise, you can slow down the progression of the curvature in your spine and restore normal life.

Don’t be limited by scoliosis any longer. Get moving safely, and improve your daily mobility. Try the HandyRx laser therapy treatment for scoliosis, and enjoy fast and effective pain relief and long-term health. Order it online today!