What to Do Before and After Cure-Ex Nail Fungus Laser Treatments

The days of wearing flip-flops and outdoor fun are right around the corner, but are your feet ready to take you off to your adventures? If you have discolored, crusty and increasingly thick toenails, you could be having a toenail fungus infection - and letting your feet breathe outdoors seems like out of the question until you try the Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment, the latest and most effective product in Canada for treating unsightly nail fungus infections.

Here, we’ll learn how laser treatment kills fungal infections once and for all, and what you need to do before and after treatments to ensure that unsightly infection-causing fungi will never find a home in your toenails ever again.

How the Cure-Ex Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Works

The Cure-Ex Nail Fungus laser device uses heat energy to penetrate your infected toenail and kill the fungus while keeping surrounding tissues and nails healthy and unaffected. In about 20 minutes, the fungus in your toenail is destroyed. The Cure-Ex is a small handheld device that you place onto your infected nails, and automatically stops after 7 minutes. For best results, use it 3 times a day for a period of 3 to 4 months for optimal cure and maximum prevention of the infection from recurring. As opposed to booking appointments in laser therapy clinics, the Cure Ex is portable and easy to use at home, letting you get rid of fungal infections and instantly heal.

Laser treatments are now a preferred option for nail fungus infections because of their high efficacy rate, ranging from 80 to 88 percent of cases. It’s also a safe, nontoxic, and noninvasive way of killing infections, as it does not require taking or applying medication, or undergoing anesthesia. The treatment is pain-free, with only a slight, tingling or warming sensation felt by some users. There’s also no downtime required for recovery after treatments, and you can immediately resume your daily routine.

Preparing for your Cure-Ex Laser Treatments

There is only very minimal preparation required for using your Cure-Ex laser treatment device. Before placing the device on your toenails, make sure to remove any nail polish or lotion on the nail bed. If your toenails are a little long, it’s also recommended to trim them before starting your Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment. Remember, using the device is pain- and hassle-free, and after just 7 minutes, you can go about your day - you can even apply nail polish or get a pedicure.

How to Take Care of Toenails After Cure-Ex Laser Treatments

Except when your fungal infection is extreme, you can expect the fungus to be destroyed after a single series of Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatments. Because it is an infection, nail fungus can recur if you do not continue taking care of your toenails after treatments. As such, it’s important to eliminate, or at least limit the conditions that allow fungi to thrive in your nails.

Practicing good foot hygiene is the most essential precaution you can take. Starting at home, make sure to keep your nails short, clean and dry as possible. When taking a bath, clean your feet, and dry them thoroughly, including the spaces between your toes before getting dressed. Fungi thrive in dirty, moist, dark conditions - all very likely when wearing closed shoes for extended periods of time.

When putting on your shoes, make sure to wear clean socks. Opt for socks made with synthetic materials that keep moisture away, and your feet much more dry for longer than wool or cotton socks. It’s also important to change your socks often, and never put back on a used pair. If possible, take your shoes off at various times during the way to let your feet breathe, and prevent fungi from thriving in the dark and possibly moist environment inside your shoes. When wearing shoes for physical activities that lead to perspiration, choose a pair that’s breathable.

Make sure to wear only clean shoes. Use an antifungal spray, or powder your feet and the inside of your shoes on a daily basis to keep the environment clean and dry - the exact opposite of where fungi can thrive. Lastly, never go barefoot in public. Wear shoes around public pools or locker rooms to reduce your chances of catching a nail fungus infection from other people.

Make your toenails healthy and let your feet finally breathe again with Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatments. Keep nail fungus infections at bay by ordering your Cure-Ex laser device here.