Why the Cure-Ex Laser Treatment is Your Best Bet for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a common, but difficult to treat condition that many people live with every day. While it doesn’t cause too much pain, it does cause your nail to discolor, thicken and crumble at the edges. In really bad cases, nail fungus can lead to more serious conditions, at which point you will need to consider treatment. From creams to medicines, nail polish and DIY home remedies, there’s certainly a lot of ways to deal with this unsightly infection, but none of them are as effective as the Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment.

Here’s why the Cure-Ex is your best bet, and you shouldn’t hold off on treating your nail fungus infection any longer:


Microscopic fungi make their way to the nail bed underneath the nail, where they grow, causing nail fungus. Treatment is made difficult by the fungi ‘s persistence in the nail bed as the nail grows, and as the fungi spread to to other toes.

Most commonly, oral and topical treatments are often prescribed with little effect, and sometimes, unlike the Cure-Ex, come with serious side effects. Others opt for DIY at-home treatments, like applying antifungal nail polish, or home remedies that require everyday items in the kitchen or bathroom. But none of these have proven to be as effective as the Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment.

Ignoring nail fungus

Nail fungus can be embarrassing, but is often ignored with little immediate medical concern for healthy adults. Adults are more likely to develop nail fungus, due to large exposure to public wet and moist environments. Nail fungus can also be developed as a result of weakened immune system as a result of disease or chemotherapy. When this happens, nail fungus infections become a more serious concern, as the infection affects the bloodstream.

While nail fungus is often left untreated in healthy adults, persistent untreated nail fungus can lead to issues at some point further down the line. Fungus progressing inwards can cause toenails to grow thick and inflamed and separate from the nail bed, causing pain and discomfort. The Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment is an effective and painless way to treat the infection - something you should consider soon.

Laser treatment with Cure-Ex

Oral and topical treatments, including pills, polishes and creams, are commonly prescribed to those with nail fungus. These treatments often fail to kill the fungus completely, resulting in its return. Certain treatments can often result in serious side effects, like liver damage, and take months to begin producing results.

The Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment penetrates deep into the nail bed and kills the fungal pathogens inside, not allowing them to grow back. Results can be seen in just a few treatments, making the Cure-Ex the only effective method you should be considering for dealing with the infection.

Laser treatment with the Cure-Ex has is also painless, safe, has no side effects, and is extremely quick relative to other treatment options, so consider laser treatment with the Cure-Ex, instead of leaving your nail fungus untreated and letting it spread.

Ready to see healthy nails grow back? Try the Cure-Ex nail fungus laser treatment today, and see results in just a month! Order your device online, or call us at (660) 264-0737 for more information.