4 Things You’re Able To Do Without Period Pain Thanks To The Livia

Do you find that every single month your period pain stops you from living life to the fullest? Do you block that week off from friends, family, activities and exercise? All too often, your period comes and drastically limits your life. Thankfully, the Livia works to increase your quality of life during menstruation with an innovative, electronic approach to pain relief.

This tiny device operates electronically, sending tiny pulses that stimulate the nerves of your lower abdomen, blocking cramps and related PMS pains immediately. As it’s completely drug free, there are no side effects to this wonder device. It’s also completely portable and easy to conceal. Having the ability to hide it under your shirt makes you forget you’re even wearing it.

For just $149, you can try the Livia yourself (with free shipping and a 120 day money back guarantee)! Rather than buying the Livia on Amazon where you pay for shipping and have no money back guarantee, allow yourself the comfort of knowing you have nothing to lose when buying from Pain Relief Online, except for period pain.

So, what can you do with the Livia that you couldn’t do before?

Live with Less Nausea

One of the most inconvenient side effects of a painful period is nausea. Unfortunately, vomiting and diarrhea can often go along with it. When you secure the Livia’s adhesive pads to your abdomen, your pelvic cramps are subsided by the electric surge sent from the device. Pain on its own can be the source of your nausea, so directly loosening the cramped muscles stops pain signals from reaching the brain.

Tackling the cause is always the best means to a long lasting solution that takes care of every discomfort without creating a new one. You don’t have to worry about any of the impromptu shooting pains that normally could arise at any moment.  Enjoy what’s left of this beautiful fall season, instead of being hunched over on the couch anticipating the next cramp attack.

Get A Good Night’s Rest

Attempting to get a decent night’s sleep when you are experiencing cramps is challenging. But by using the Livia device before bed, you can eliminate cramps and allow yourself to get some much needed R&R. Waking up experiencing pains in the middle of the night before an important event is aggravating and will only continue on to the following day if cramps are left un-treated. Using your Livia while you follow your nightly routine can be enough to relax your cramps to the point where your body is able to rest. You can also use the Livia when you wake up to help conquer morning pains.

Don’t Ruin Your Workout Schedule

If you're a regular at the gym, you know how frustrating it is to not be able to get in a workout when you want to. During your period, cramps and pains may stop you from getting your sweat on, but don’t let it. With the Livia device, your pain will be gone and it fits snug under your workout clothes, without being seen. The endorphins your body naturally releases will work in conjunction with the tiny electric pulses released by the Livia. As a result, your cramps aren’t actually felt during your workout. Plus, working out during your period actually helps alleviate pain symptoms further.

Indulge In A Little Dairy, Without Fear

The hormones found in dairy products normally contract the uterus causing cramps, so it helps to step away from the ice cream when experiencing cravings for something sweet. This means that during your period, the cramping you may have had otherwise from dairy is amplified by these pelvic cramps.The Livia lets you digest the dairy without feeling the side effects of its consumption. You’ll thank the Livia later when you can indulge in ice cream, pizza, and other dairy-rich foods, without fear.

Ready to live the life you never knew you could on your period? Take advantage of drug free, instant, portable, period pain relief. Try the Livia today for $149 with a 120 day money back guarantee and free shipping! Contact us at 660-264-0737!