Prevent Nail Fungus With The Cure-EX And Other Tips


Nail fungus is never fun for anyone. Not only is it not a pretty sight, but it can be uncomfortable as well. Once you get nail fungus, either on your fingers or toes, it can take a long time to heal. Luckily, there are some pretty easy ways to avoid getting infected. Keep reading for some simple, easy-to-implement tips to prevent nail fungus.

Nail Fungus Prevention

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a method used in clinics and doctors’ offices to help treat different medical conditions, from pain relief to fungal removal. Devices like the cure-EX are now available for at-home LLLT treatment. The cure-EX is not only an effective way to heal nail fungus, but it helps prevent it, and stops the fungus from spreading to other nails as well.

The devices uses low level laser pulse radiation to penetrate the cell tissue and increase the production of healthy cells, while a blue light helps kill the fungal cells on the outer surface of the nail. The blue light also helps prevent other areas from getting infected as well. If you are prone to nail fungus infections, the cure-EX is an easy way to cure your current infection and prevent them from recurring. The device also helps strengthen nails and keeps them healthier. It's easy to use; it just clips onto your nail and after 7 minutes it will shut itself off. The blue light helps kill fungus cells, so you can use it on other nails right away safely. For the best results to treat infections, use it 3 times daily for 3-4 months.

Keep Nails Trimmed and Clean  

Washing your hands and feet regularly with soap and water will help remove fungus on the outer layer of your skin. By washing regularly, you can decrease the chances of the infection from penetrating your skin, and from infecting other fingers or toes.

By keeping your nails short and dry, you are getting rid of the easiest methods for bacteria to grow. Fungus will easily grow under your nail bed, so by keeping your nails short, you are decreasing the chance of it getting under your nails. Fungus will also grow faster in a moist environment, so make sure that you dry your hands and feet thoroughly. Also, avoid trimming or picking at the skin around your nails, as this gives bacteria better access to the nail bed.  

Don’t Go Barefoot in Public

One the easiest ways to get toenail fungus is to walk around barefoot on unclean surfaces. If you're going to places like a public pool, showers or locker room, try wearing sandals or slip on shoes so your feet avoid directly touching the floor. It might look silly, but it's better than spending weeks fighting a toenail infection. If you have a cure-EX already, it is a good idea to use it before and after you go to these places in case you do contract a fungus.

Choose the Right Shoes

In the summer try wearing open toe shoes so that your nails can breathe, and to avoid over-sweating, as this is a great way for bacteria to grow on your feet. If you have to wear shoes with a closed toe, make sure that you wear socks made of fabrics that will absorb sweat. This includes wool, nylon and polypropylene. Additionally, be sure to change your socks regularly. You can also use antifungal spray or powder on the inside of your shoes or directly on your feet to kill bacteria.

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