Low-Level Laser Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disease; intangible and puzzling in behaviour, the disease causes an array of symptoms that are different in each case. The most common of these cases is a feeling of a deep burning pain, wide-spread across the body. In particular, the lower back, hips, and shoulders. Fibromyalgia often builds gradually and is capable of making the most simple, daily activities become a struggle for anyone. For anyone struggling with fibromyalgia, you would know the constant struggle to find relief from dull to excruciating pain. The Handy Rx is a low-level laser therapy device that aids with relief of pain associated with fibromyalgia. The Handy Rx is a portable device, ergo, can be used anywhere when pain strikes.


The Handy Rx aids with a plethora of symptoms that arise from fibromyalgia. Flu-like symptoms are often compared with fibromyalgia. The condition comes in many forms and happens in phases, lasting as little as two days or as many as a year. Fatigue, sleep disturbances, morning stiffness, headaches, irritated bowel-like symptoms, memory problems, anxiety, and depression are all commonly reported symptoms of fibromyalgia.


Widespread pain is characterized based by the ACR - American College of Rheumatology, it is diagnosed based off of a history of widespread pain, lasting more than three months. Pain is considered widespread when the patient feels pain in all four quadrants of their body. Left and right, as well as above and below the waist.


Professional methods of pain relief, done at a chiropractor’s office are high in cost and unable to cover all of your body - areas you want to treat highly aren't paid attention too and can add up in cost. Conventional treatments are done with analgesics, potencies vary and are done in many ways. Acetaminophen, tramadol, NSAIDs, and antidepressants are all used. Patients that do not want to take the conventional method of analgesic drugs will be happy to know that there are methods of pain relief that are done at home, for a fraction of the cost.


Low-level laser therapy has been proven to be a remarkable alternative to conventional methods of pain relief. The at-home therapy is capable of improving cell regeneration, freeing the patient of the chains of chronic pain and letting them live their life freely again. The Handy Rx, for example, is able to target the area that is in pain, going deep into the muscle tissue, and through a scientific selection of different types of energies, it is able to reduce inflammation in the muscles. Once the swelling has gone down, the laser then works on improving microcirculation (blood flow) to those areas to decrease the overall recovery time.


The effects of low-level laser therapy are fascinating, therapeutic lasers and phototherapy have been proven to work and make them a viable alternative for healing. Photobiomodulation causes changes in oxidation/reduction status of the mitochondria which then leads to spiked increases in ATP synthesis. This ultimately changes the cell membrane, changing the cellular activity in ways such as;

  • Stimulates cell growth

  • Improves cell metabolism

  • Improves cell regeneration

  • Promotes an anti-inflammatory response

  • Stimulates nerve function

  • Long-term production of nitric oxide

  • Stimulates the production of endorphins


Low-level laser therapy will not magically make fibromyalgia go away. There is currently no cure for this disease but laser therapy allows patients to get their life back to what they remember, not worrying about the chronic pain they are dealing with and be able to medicate themselves, right from home!


Don’t let fibromyalgia run your day-to-day life. Contact us today and begin the journey to pain relief!