Tips to Keep Nails Healthy in Winter

Many of us are well aware that Winter can wreak havoc on our skin, but did you know it can cause issues with our nails as well? The cold temperatures can cause our nails to become dry and crack, much like our skin. It is important to make sure that our nails remain healthy to avoid them breaking, or getting infected.

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Are your nails looking dry and cracked, and you’re not sure what to do? Keep reading for some easy tips to keep your nails healthy in the winter.

Tips to Keep Nails Healthy in Winter

Avoid nail polish: While applying nail polish makes your nails look pretty, they contain a lot of chemicals like formaldehyde and acetone, which can erode the natural protein layer in your nails. Applying nail polish too often can also lead to nail discolouration, which can result in your nails becoming a yellowish colour.  

Moisturize: When your hands are hydrated it is much easier to ensure that your nails stay healthy and strong. Apply moisturizer is a great way to ensure hands and nails stay hydrated in the winter. Due to the extreme cold temperatures in the winter, it is common for nails and skin to become rough, dry and cracked. Using a good moisturizer will help protect your skin and nails, and keep them nourished all winter long. Apply your moisturizer right before bed to allow it to soak in overnight.

Eat protein enriched foods: Your diet can also affect how healthy your nails and skin are. To keep your nails healthy, make sure that you are getting enough protein. Since nails are made up of a protein called keratin, consuming protein is essential for nails to grow. Foods like beans, oats, lentils, eggs, and chicken are great sources of protein that will help keep you and your nails strong in the winter.

Cuticles: Making sure that your cuticles are healthy is an important step to ensuring that your nails are healthy. Try applying moisturizer or vaseline around your cuticles to massage them and to prevent damage. Also, don’t cut your cuticles, as this can lead to an infection or even damage your nails.  

Drink water: Since the air in the winter tends to be very dry, ensuring that we stay hydrated is just as important as it is in the summer. When your nails lose moisture, they become frail and weak, which is how they become damaged, or get a nail fungus infection. To avoid this, drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, and to keep your nails strong.

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