Top 5 Drug Free Alternatives for Period Pain

As more and more knowledge becomes accessible regarding natural medicine, it is easier to treat your body’s many symptoms without resorting to painkillers. In many occasions, drug solutions come with side effects that only cause more problems. What you want is to address the root of the problem rather than cover it up with a different issue, and the way to achieve that is through natural remedy.

Fortunately, those who suffer from significant period pain can achieve drug free relief with the new Livia device. This handy device allows you to target even the most severe period pain naturally. By treating your cramps with electric therapy, you can achieve strong pain relief without the use of pain killer cover ups. Along with the Livia, there are many supplementary methods for pain relief you can use as well. Keep reading to learn more about how you can alleviate painful period symptoms naturally.

Herbal Tea Soothes Period Pain

Turning to an herbal tea that alleviates your pain is a simple at home remedy for cramps. Teas like peppermint, chamomile, and cramp bark all help increase blood flow to the pelvic region and loosen tense muscles. Sipping this three times a day can work to alleviate your pain for the duration of your period, and does not put the function of your body’s other functions at risk.

Use Heat to Relieve Period Pain

Filling a hot water bag or a sandbag and placing it on your pelvic region can quickly reduce the constriction of blood in the uterus. This is a completely exterior method with no possible side effects. Heating pads can even provide quicker relief than the time it would take for a pain relieving pill to take effect.

Supplement Period Pain Away

Finding a natural supplement to add to your daily diet can change your level of period pain over time. Supplements contain no drug-altering effects and only work to add additional nutrients that naturally occur in food you may be deficient in, like the magnesium in spinach. Consider a magnesium supplement to help regulate muscle and nerve function, therefore allowing your cramps to loosen any knots. Omega three fatty acids are another supplement to consider during menstruation as they help soothe inflammation and soreness in the pelvic region.

Massage with Essential Oils

Just like you would massage a sore neck or back, massaging the pelvic region can soothe soreness and inflammation caused by period pain as well. Adding a soothing oil into the mix like lavender oil can subside the pain and also calm the mind. When applied topically, lavender’s properties act as a local anti-inflammatory, and can help with the throbbing sensation in your lower abdomen. Loosening your muscles and relaxing the mind while focussing on your breathing is a good place to start.

Invest in a Drug Free Electric Period Pain Device

Dealing with period pain can be natural and portable. With a period pain device like the Livia, cramps cannot inhibit any part of your day. The tiny device sends exterior electric pulses to your pelvic region that stimulate local nerves, forcing muscle cramps to loosen. The electronic waves ultimately stop the pain signals you experienced previously from reaching the brain, resulting in a decrease in tense pelvic pain.

Its small size makes the Livia both portable and simple to cover beneath clothing, while its immediacy speeds up your relief process. Once the device is powered on, your cramp relief is under way. Much like the function of the device, the process of purchasing the Livia is easy and painless when buying from Pain Relief Online. When purchasing the device from us, you benefit from a trial that offers savings Amazon does not match.

Get your Hands on Instant Period Pain Relief

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