LLLT Combined with Stretches for Muscle Soreness

LLLT Combined with Stretches for Muscle Soreness

Anyone who has ever suffered from sore muscles knows how painful it can be, and how it can affect your day-to-day activities. Luckily, there are some simple stretches that you can do to help relieve your sore muscles. Stretching is both easy and budget-friendly, plus it allows you to keep active and to relieve yourself of soreness. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can help reduce your recovery time when used with stretching as well. You can take advantage of LLLT with the Handy Cure therapeutic laser, available at Pain Relief Online.

Keep reading for stretches that will help treat your muscle soreness, and how the Handy Cure can help.

Stretches for Muscle Soreness

Before we start, we recommend only focusing the muscles that are specifically hurting. When your muscles are feeling sore, you need to focus on stretching them out, but need to be be careful so that you don’t overdo it; stretching too much can cause muscle tearing, which isn’t fun either. If your muscle continue to hurt, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor. Now, onto the stretches!

Calf muscles: We use our calf muscles for a lot of our day-to-day activities, such as walking or standing. When our calf muscles are sore, it can make the simplest tasks very uncomfortable. If your calves are sore, try some calf stretches.

To stretch your calf muscles, start by sitting on the floor with your back straight and your legs stretched out in front of you, and then reach down and touch your toes. If you can’t comfortably touch your toes don’t push yourself! Instead, reach as far as you can without feeling pain, though it should be far enough that you feel a stretch.

Next, take your left leg and bend it while keeping your right leg stretched out in front of you. Lay your left leg flat on the ground with your feet touching the side of your right knee so that it forms a triangle. Now, take your right hand and touch the toes on your right foot without bending your knee (if you can). Hold for 10-15 seconds, and then switch sides. To benefit from LLLT, take your Handy Cure before and after your stretches, and slowly move it along the backs of your calf muscles in circular motions. Using the Handy Cure once a day will help improve muscle soreness, but using it multiple times a day, especially before and after physical activity, will reduce recovery time even more.  

Quads:  We use the quad muscles in much of our everyday movement, so relieving soreness in these muscles is important. Start by standing up straight and take your right leg and use your hand to hold your foot at your rear, holding for 10-15 seconds, and then switching legs. You can also try standing and bending forward, touching your hands to the opposite foot (left hand to right foot and vice versa). Hold for 10-15 seconds and then switch. Try using your Handy Cure directly after these stretches for even quicker recovery.

Shoulder muscles:  Sore shoulder muscles can be tricky to stretch, and will need extra care to speed up the recovery process. Stretching out your shoulder muscles will help decrease the feeling of discomfort and soreness.Start by bringing one one elbow up so that it is parallel to your head, and cup it with your opposite hand. Pull your elbow back slightly so that you feel a stretch and hold for 15 seconds. Then take your arm and pull it across your chest, holding for 30 seconds. Then repeat with the opposite arm. Use your Handy Cure after each stretch to speed up the recovery time.

Arm muscles: Sore arm muscles makes lifting your arms for anything painful. Try a standing side bend to stretch them out and help alleviate some of the pain. Use your Handy Cure after this stretch to aid in a quick recovery. Start by standing with your feet placed hips length apart and hold our arms over your head. Keeping your arms straight, lean from left and then right. You should feel a stretch in your right arm as you lean to the left side, and a stretch in your left arm as you reach to the right side. Hold each side for 10 seconds, repeating 3 times.

LLLT can be used with these stretches to speed up your recovery time! Purchase the Handy Cure from Pain Relief Online today!