Traveling with Arthritis 101: Exercise & HandyRx Laser Therapy Treatment

With summer in full swing, you must be out and about, ready to have the perfect vacation. But what if you experience arthritis flare-ups while you’re supposed to be getting some much needed R&R? With a carefully designed arthritis workout especially for traveling, and a laser therapy treatment for arthritis within reach, you can avoid flare-ups while on vacation.

Here are some tips for getting the arthritis workout and relief you need while on vacation. Added with the use of laser therapy treatments for arthritis, or low level laser therapy (LLLT) for fast pain relief, you can work out safely, staying strong wherever your vacation takes you.

Book Truly Accommodating Accommodations

Accommodations are key while you’re on vacation. While others choose not to put a premium on where they’re staying, as more time is spent sightseeing, coming back to nice hotel with space and amenities for all your needs, including much needed exercise can make a huge difference in relaxation, as well as managing your arthritis.

When booking a hotel, try to go with one that has a gym or pool. This will allow you to squeeze in much needed workout time in your schedule, making sure that your joints and muscles remain strong and conditioned. Even if there’s no space for swimming, walking around in the shallow end offers additional resistance that challenges your muscles, while protecting your joints from bouts of pain. To prevent flare-ups while on your vacation workout, pack the HandyRx laser therapy device for arthritis, and use it after working out for quick recovery.

Research Routes and Plan Active Adventures

When exploring the place, make sure to include walking, hiking, or biking routes in the itinerary. This will allow you to get the best workout, all the while sightseeing and getting the best of exploring new places. Instead of always driving or taking the transit, opt to walk or bike around scenic spots you want to visit.

Exploring on foot will allow your arthritic joints the exercise they need, fueled by the thrill of coming across beautiful scenery. Just make sure to wear supportive sneakers or shoes, and take breaks when needed to avoid straining your body and causing flare-ups. Worried about flare-ups ruining the day? A big plus for the HandyRx laser therapy for arthritis device is that it’s handheld and travel-sized, so it can easily fit in your bag or even your pocket to take with you out and about, and on-the-go.

Pack the HandyRx LLLT Device for Pain Relief & Small Exercise Essentials

Surely, your luggage will have room for a lightweight and compact resistance band and the travel-sized HandyRx laser therapy for arthritis device. A resistance band does wonders in strength training, and are even as good as weights. Beating the morning rush to squeeze in as much sightseeing as possible? Simply hold the band taut in front of you at chest-level and pull your hands apart. Then, stand on the middle of the band with an end in each hand, and do bicep curls, lateral raises, or squats.

After working out, use the HandyRx laser therapy treatment for arthritis to quickly administer pain relief and promote fast recovery, making you ready for the long day of adventure ahead.

Exercise in Your Room

In some cases, finding a hotel or other accommodations with suitable space for exercise can be rough, especially on a limited budget, or depending where your vacation is taking you. Instead, the tried and tested alternative is exercising in your room. You can always download or livestream a workout video on your laptop or phone. You can even just put together your own routine with bodyweight exercises that include forearm planks, lunges, marching in place, and squats.

Even if your itinerary is packed, you can surely always sneak in at least 15 minutes of exercises, and by keeping a laser therapy for arthritis device within reach, like the HandyRx, your arthritic joints and sore muscles can easily recover, allowing you to get back on the long and exciting day of sightseeing ahead.

Embark on an adventure to remember this summer. Work out safely with the HandyRx laser therapy for arthritis device, and explore new sights with ease and confidence only the absence of flare-ups can give. Get the HandyRx device online today for safe travels!