Ways to Keep Your Toenails Fungus-Free During Colder Weather

In the colder months we hide our feet in thick socks and closed-toe shoes or boots. While this keeps our feet warm, it doesn’t allow our toenails to breath, and in some cases toenail fungus can form. But not to worry, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure you don’t get toenail fungus this fall and winter season.

This is the perfect time to try out the Cure-Ex laser from Pain Relief Online. It will keep your toenails from contracting fungus, even when they’re almost constantly bundled up for the next couple of months. Keep reading to find out how the Cure-Ex laser and other methods will keep your toenails fungus free during the colder seasons.

First Things First - Don’t Delay

If you’ve ever had nail fungus before, either on your toes or fingers, you’ll know it takes a while for it to clear up. The earlier you start treating your nails the sooner they’ll heal, so by the time you're ready to bust out your flip-flops, your toenails will be fungus-free and healthy.

The Cure-Ex Laser Treatment

The Cure-Ex is a small, portable device that you clip onto your nail. It uses low-level laser pulse radiation combined with a blue light which kills nail fungus. The low-level pulse radiation penetrates deep into the cell tissue to help promote the growth of new, healthy cells. At the same time, the blue light is used to kill fungal cells at the surface of the nail.

Since the blue light kills fungal cells, you can safely use it immediately after on other nails that have nail fungus without worrying about spreading the fungus. You can use the Cure-Ex to help treat nail fungus, to prevent another infection from occurring, or simply to strengthen your nails. For the best and fastest results, use the Cure-Ex laser 3 times a day.

Hibernate Your Nail Polish

You may or not be aware that nail polish cuts off air circulation to your nails, making it impossible for your nails breath. Since you wear closed toe shoes in the colder seasons, and can’t see your toenails anyways, keep your toenails nail polish free during the fall and winter. This will allow your nails to breath even when they’re buried in socks and boots.  You can also spread the infection to other nails if you get fungus in the polish or on the brush.  Plus, if you have a toenail infection already, not wearing nail polish on your toes will help it heal faster. You can use medicated nail polish treatments, as they have ingredients that will help kill the bacteria.


Since your feet are trapped inside boots all fall and winter, occasionally they can get sweaty, which can help nail fungus thrive. Make sure that you are cleaning your feet regularly with soap and water, and then drying them thoroughly. You should also be changing your socks everyday - don’t try to create less laundry by re-wearing pairs as dirty socks are another great environment for fungus to grow. If you are using an old pair of boots, remember to sanitise them at the beginning of the season with a disinfecting spray; this will kill any bacteria or fungus that has grown inside the boot, making it safe for you to wear them.

Give Your Nails Some TLC

Many people tend to prefer staying indoors when the weather gets colder, making it the perfect time to pamper your nails with some TLC. Let them soak in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water; apple cider vinegar is mildly acidic so it's an easy way to help kill any extra bacteria on your toes. Simply pour the mixture in a bowl and let your nails soak in it for 10 minutes. You can also add ground rice flour to the mixture and let cotton balls soak in it to use as a scrub for removing dead skin cells. Once your done, wash any excess mixture off with warm water and dry thoroughly to prevent fungus from growing.  

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