Treat Your Fibromyalgia With A Cold Laser Therapy Device At Home | LLLT Cold Laser Therapy Device

In recent years, patients affected by fibromyalgia have discovered that the positive effects of LLLT cold laser therapy have overthrown the traditional injections and needle approach to relieving fibromyalgia pain. Using a LLLT cold laser therapy device, the LaserTRX, getting rid of your unwanted and irritating symptoms has been made simple. LLLT has helped thousands of patients at home through the process of low-powered lasers that mitigate symptoms on sight. 

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At home pain relief devices have been revolutionized to create a more accessible overall wellness, while living with fibromyalgia symptoms.

Effects of Fibromyalgia

Though fibromyalgia can sometimes be misdiagnosed due to the range of symptoms, it is classified as a broad musculoskeletal pain. Fibromyalgia can cause negative effects on your body that can hinder your full movement and reduce your energy entirely. Symptoms vary from weight gain, problems urinating, nausea and dizziness to more severe neurological effects like depression, anxiety and memory impairment. Not to be discouraged, there is a progressive remedy to relieve the chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia.

Choosing To Go With Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy for fibromyalgia pain uses infrared light to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain; its main purpose is to stimulate the body’s cells to increase better general circulation and decrease areas of discomfort. Cold laser therapy, among treating fibromyalgia symptoms, has also been proved to aid the effects of scoliosis, knee pain, tendonitis and osteoarthritis. The reason behind most affected fibromyalgia symptoms is the shortage of oxygen and glucose needed to keep the tissues alive and healthy. Cold laser therapy, spearheaded by the LaserTRX device, increases blood flow to the cells and increases general flow to decrease the inflammation.


What is LaserTRX

LaserTRX is a cold laser, handheld device that combines 4 different types of energies that will help you alleviate pain where it matters most. Combining low level pulse laser radiation, infrared radiation, visible red light and static magnetic fields, the LaserTRX decreases inflammation using LLLT technology. LLLT treatments, using the Laser TRX device, target specific affected areas through cold laser treatment in under 20 minutes. Unlike harsh surgeries or severe medication, the LLLT pain relief reduces inflammation and increases collagen production to boost dermis relief without a non-invasive approach. 


Reap The Benefits Without Having To Suffer the Symptoms

LaserTRX can run continuously for 18 hours, equipped with 3 power different settings depending on your preference. LaserTRX has been proven to reduce painkillers, it is FDA registered, and it is incredibly easy to use and it is affordable at only $1185. Unlike harsh medications and treatments, there are no side effects that will affect your well being in the future and the LaserTRX can be used anytime an inflammation arises. Unlike harsh surgeries or severe medication, the LLLT pain relief reduces inflammation and increases collagen production to boost dermis relief without a non-invasive approach.


Fibromyalgia Symptoms are a Thing of the Past

Being affected with fibromyalgia has some negative consequences on the body and mind, but in recent years there has been a revolutionary invention that will help you face your painful fibromyalgia symptoms with a positive attitude. It can prove difficult to alleviate negative fibromyalgia symptoms if you do not have the proper hospice care, but pain relief at home has been made more accessible and affordable through progressive tools like LLLT cold laser therapy. LaserTRX is the device that will help you get back to doing the things you love most by relieving your pain anywhere. 


By using a professional and top-quality LLLT device such as LaserTRX you can regain your comfort and erase the pain. Take your recovery into your hands today and call us at (660) 264-0737 to get started today!