Handy Cure/HandyRx Price vs Chiropractic Fees

Having physical pain, such as back pain, is stressful enough, but paying for treatments can be another source of pain itself. Going to a chiropractor seems like the most obvious answer, but treatments are expensive and add up quickly. So what else is there?

There is a new, revolutionary device called the Handy Cure/HandyRx that is being used by everyone from professional athletes to the average person worldwide. Looking at the price of the Handy Cure/HandyRx, which averages between $450 - $500 online in the US, you might be thinking “that’s a lot of money to spend at once.” Yes, when you think of it like that, the Handy Cure/HandyRx is an investment; but when you compare it to the ongoing cost of visiting a chiropractor, you’ll find it is actually quite cost effective.

Average Chiropractic Fees

The fees per chiropractic session will vary depending on the type of treatment you are getting per session and the region you live in. Most chiropractors will charge more for the first visit, usually around $100.  After that the average price of visiting a chiropractor in the US per session is between $30 and $70, depending on the the office you go to. Then on top of the  initial visit, if you need additional treatments or sessions, you will have to pay for. Some of the average fees for other services include:

  • $45 - $160 for additional X-rays

  • $40+ for massage therapy

  • $65 - $150 for acupuncture

Cost of The Handy Cure/HandyRx

The Handy Cure/HandyRx is being sold for $675 US on Pain-Relief Online, which is a much lower price than other websites. While this might seem like a lot of money to put down on one item all at once, it actually gives you a much better deal than going to a chiropractor would. Just a first visit at a chiropractor will cost you on average over $100, plus any extra treatments you might need. While you’re next visit may not be as much, depending on how serious your condition is, you might have to go for two or more appointments a week. That’s going to add up fast, especially if you have a condition that would require you to need more medical attention, like Fibromyalgia, in which pain is often constant. 

Also, chiropractic treatments aren’t even guaranteed to solve your problem; you might feel better for a few weeks, months, maybe even a year; but there is no guarantee that your medical issues aren’t going to repeat, especially if you are regularly active or have had a history of problems.

Why Choose the Handy Cure/HandyRx?

Again, while the price is a lot upfront, it is the only payment you will be making. Other at home pain-relief devices might have replacement parts that you will have to purchase if something goes wrong; not the Handy Cure/HandyRx which just has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 18 hours. The cost of visiting a chiropractor can add up quickly, and it's not even guaranteed to heal your injury.

The Handy Cure/HandyRx has been proven to show lasting results, and most people saw an improvement in just a few sessions. You can use the Handy Cure/HandyRx at home, at work, while travelling, or anywhere else! There is no waiting in a doctor's office, or having to take prescription drugs, which can also be expensive. Just using the Handy Cure/HandyRx laser once a day can greatly improve your pain, and keep it from coming back. Can a chiropractor promise that?

Are you ready to stop spending money weekly at the chiropractors? Visit Pain-Relief Online and order your Handy Cure/HandyRx today!