Joint Pain in the Winter: Try Low-Level Laser Therapy for Just 20 Minutes a Day at Home | Cold Laser for Fibromyalgia Pain

Pain Relief is continuously dedicated to helping those suffering from ongoing side-effects of arthritis with our progressive LLLT cold laser therapy device. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that arthritis directly affects 54.4 million adults. 

 LLLT cold laser therapy

Cold laser for fibromyalgia pain decreases the debilitating side-effects that can worsen arthritis and joint pain. Arthritis is directly correlated to loss of mobility, rigidness in joints and movements and swelling around the joints.

The LaserTRX device combines the technology of cold laser therapy with the accessibility of in-home 20-minute treatment. 


Cold Laser Therapy Treatment and Benefits

LLLT is a revolutionary treatment that stimulates all cell types found in muscle, ligaments, cartilages, tendons and nerves. LLLT is a non-invasive, non-toxic treatment that alleviates the negative symptoms of chronic conditions including joint pain and arthritis.

We have incorporated the LLLT technology into the accessible LaserTRX device to promote cell renewal that boosts tissue recovery. The LaserTRX produces an impulse of light at a specific wavelength, depending on your level of comfort, that emits energy on the damaged cells. Through the stimulation of the cells, your body is triggered to accelerate your levels of ATP which are responsible for producing healthy cells to replace the damaged ones. 

Alternatively, the options of acupuncture, surgical procedures, prescription medications and physiotherapy can prove to be expensive. Our LaserTRX device is a good financial choice that continues to deliver positive results within 20 minutes of treatment.


Does Laser Therapy Help Arthritis?

The effects of arthritis can be debilitating, but cold laser therapy has been proven to mitigate negative side-effects.

The LaserTRX device can significantly improve symptoms of joint pain and arthritis. The majority of users have reported a decrease in morning stiffness of pain at rest and during movements and improved overall mobility. 

Over the course of several treatments, LaserTRX has effectively mitigated arthritis and joint pain without any severe side-effects. LLLT stimulates tissue healing, helping damaged tissue recover at a faster rate and finish recovering when it needs that little extra push. 

LLLT is easy to apply, non-toxic and non-invasive, making it safe for all users. The LaserTRX device reduces the need for surgery as it prevents further tissue damage to spread. Amongst faster wound healing, LLLT increases stimulated nerve function that combats additional effects of arthritis and joint pain.


Why LaserTRX?

The LaserTRX device is pre-set with 3 different programs depending on the level of pain conditions. The levels include infrared laser radiation, infrared LED radiation and red LED radiation that can be adjusted to your comfort.

LaserTRX combines 4 different energies to maximize your pain-relieving results that include:

  1. Infrared radiation

  2. Low-level pulse laser radiation

  3. Static magnetic fields

  4. Visible red light

These separate energies combine to relieve chronic muscle and joint pain, improve blood circulation to the targeted area, reduce inflammation and reduce symptoms of arthritis. Additionally, LaserTRX can run 18 hours continually without needing a recharge and is widely praised by physicians, physiotherapists, doctors and fitness trainers.


Accessible LLLT Cold Laser Therapy Device 

Cold laser therapy is an important asset added to the medical field, with developments continually advancing. LaserTRX is mobile and easily accessible, which makes it the best choice for alleviating pain on site. Pain strikes and LaserTRX diminishes it on command.

If you are suffering from arthritis, you don’t have to live with the pain. You deserve to live a symptom-free life and we are here to make it happen. 

We offer a money-back guarantee, backed up by our free and fast shipping. To contact us, call (660) 264-0737