Ways to Treat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as, any pain that lasts for more than three months. The pain can become progressively worse and recur intermittently, outlasting the usual healing process. After injured tissue heals, pain is expected to stop once the underlying cause is treated, according to conventional ideas of pain.

We know each and every case is different, and there are many ways to deal with chronic pain, one of them being laser therapy. The handy cure laser device is available, and can help with muscle soreness and chronic pain.

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Here are some of the most common ways medical professionals deal with Chronic Pain:


Usually medical professionals are wary to prescribe painkillers such as opioids to patients suffering from chronic pain; the reason for this being the powerful side effects and addictive qualities these drugs are known to have. Common ones prescribed are: Fentanyl, Vicodin, Methadone, and OxyContin. These drugs are extremely effective at treating chronic pain, but are not recommended for long term use.

At-Home Laser Therapy Devices

A new way to deal with chronic pain, is laser therapy. It is believed to be the future of pain treatment. There are at-home laser treatment devices which people can purchase to use on themselves, or there is actual laser therapy in clinics available for people suffering from chronic pain. The Handy Cure devices allow people the reap the benefits of laser therapy from the comforts of their own homes. Laser treatment does not require an surgical incisions, and there is no prolonged recovery time, however it takes a while before the treatment begins to work. Usually it takes between 10-30 treatments before it begins to treat the chronic pain.

Alternative Treatments

Many people would rather take a more holistic approach to treating their chronic pain. The most common and effective methods are, yoga, massage therapy, and acupuncture. These methods can be very effective, and require no medicine or surgical procedures. However, these methods are often considered to be time consuming, and expensive, because the takes a while before it begins to treat the chronic pain.

Are you dealing with chronic pain? Feel free to contact us and tell us more about your experiences with chronic pain and which treatment methods worked best for you!