How To Use The Handy Cure/HandyRx Laser

The Handy Cure laser is a proven and effective low-level laser therapy (LLLT) device that offers pain relieving effects for a wide variety of conditions and ailments, such as Fibromyalgia. Using LLLT helps to reduce inflammation and encourages the growth of new and healthy cells and tissue. Biostimulation at the cellular level helps to normalise cellular properties, and results in relief and recovery, with absolutely no side effects. 

Do you have a Handy Cure/HandyRx, or are curious how to use the device? It is surprisingly simple and hassle-free. Read our blog below and see how to make the most out of your Handy Cure/HandyRx laser.


First, make sure that the battery has been fully charged before your first use. A green light on the device will tell you if the battery is full. A red light means that it still needs further charging.

Safety Goggles

To reduce the chances of accidently looking into the laser, make sure to wear the protective goggles included in the kit.

Powering Up

Place the Handy Cure/HandyRx in your hand, and place the emitting section facing your palm. Press the start button. The device will perform a self-test, and flash a red light, three times. The Handy Cure/HandyRx will perform this test every 24 hours. Once the device emits two green lights, the device is ready to use.

Selecting a Mode

Read through the instruction pamphlet to see which mode is most suitable for you. Press the Mode button to select the program. We recommend using the “Initial Treatment Program” two times if you have never used laser therapy, as it helps accustom your body to the LLLT.

Starting Treatment

Once you have selected a mode, press the start button again. The blinking light indicates that the program has started. For best results, use the device directly onto the skin. However, the device will still produce results over clothes.

If you have any questions about the Handy Cure/HandyRx device, or you would like to order one today, visit us here!