Struggling with Back Pain at Home? Here’s How an LLLT Device Can Start Your Journey to Recovery

Many of us have found ourselves working from home nowadays and our backs are not doing us any favors. This is caused by many people sitting and working in uncomfortable positions most of the time. Despite this predicament, our Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) device can help you find some relief. 

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At Pain Relief, we offer many products and LLLT devices for pain relief and have had an exceptional track record of improvements and results. Many of our excellent devices will treat many conditions such as scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and back pain. 

We strongly believe laser technology can not only benefit you, but the overall medical industry. Many of our products deliver cold laser treatment for back pain and general pain relief. To find out more and reach out to our support team, call (660)-264-0737. In the meantime, let’s go over how an LLLT device will help you find back pain relief and the other benefits involved. 


What Does an LLLT Device Do?

Low level laser therapy utilizes low powered infrared lasers on your skin to reach the inflamed parts of your muscles and joints. A portable or at-home laser device equipped with specific parts targets the root cause of the pain without any pain or discomfort. Administering a LLLT device to yourself can be as quick as 20 minutes and can be used in virtually any location. 

This laser technology has been effective in relieving not only back pain, but tendinitis and joint pain as well. While these devices are generally less powerful than the ones used in hospitals and medical facilities, it still contains wavelengths of 600 nm to 1000 nm. Overall, LLLT can be effective tools to relieve your back pain and we’ll go over how it does this next.    


How Can an LLLT Device Help My Back Pain?

Here’s how an LLLT helps in reducing the pain in your back. The infrared lasers from the device are absorbed into your skin once applied to the inflamed area. As this happens, the cellular energy production in your body increases and the surrounding tissues are stimulated to heal. 

The device uses minimal to no heat and has demonstrated to be effective in treating short term pain. So if you find yourself aching after hunching over yourself for hours while working, apply a cold laser LLLT device to the affected area. You’ll start feeling more flexible and experience more movement as a result of it. 

LLLT devices help support and promote healthy cell growth, circulated wound healing, and tissue regeneration within your body. All these factors are key in helping you avoid not only back pain, but your overall body. 


Are LLLT Devices Safe to Use?

Since LLLT devices have been made to be portable and for home use, it is generally safe to use when used properly for the right purposes. Pregnant women and those suffering with epilepsy are often discouraged from using these devices. Before purchasing and using an LLLT device, be sure to consult a doctor and evaluate your complete medical history to get the full picture. 

There is no preparation or medication to be taken before administering the device to your skin. The low levels of infrared light make it generally safe to apply to a specified area. It’s also non-invasive and has no side effects or complications, so you can resume normal activity afterwards. 

You may also get a doctor to apply the LLLT device for you if you feel more comfortable with that approach. 


Interested in Buying an LLLT Device? Here’s How!

If you’re struggling with back pain and want to find the right LLLT device for you, Pain Relief has devices such as the HandyRX and MD Cure for you to order. Our inventory has many fairly priced items of the highest quality.. 

Feel free to call our support staff (660)-264-0737 if you have any questions or concerns or use our reliable contact form. We offer free and fast shipping for our products as well.