Enjoy Summer Activities Without the Pain thanks to the Handy Cure/HandyRx

 Do you find yourself experiencing more pains than usual this summer? You’re not alone! Many people notice an increase in pain during the higher temperature  months, whether it be from Fibromyalgia, arthritis pain, chronic pain, sport injuries or anything else. Keep reading to learn about common summer activities that can trigger pain and how to manage them effectively.

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Summer Pain Triggers and Solutions

Amusement parks: Visiting an amusement park is a popular and fun summer activity many of us love to take advantage of. While riding roller coasters is a thrilling way to spend a summer afternoon, standing in neverending lines and walking all day long takes a toll on our bodies. Try to remember to have a break and take a seat every couple of hours and refresh. Keep your Handy Cure/HandyRx on hand and use it during these breaks to keep any swelling at a minimum.

Water: Staying hydrated in hot weather is extremely important; keeping yourself hydrated helps your body keep swelling down, which leads to less pain. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty; keep a water bottle on hand and remember to drink frequently. Liquids that contain alcohol, sugar or caffeine do not count as they actually increase dehydration. If you really want a drink that contains any of those, drink water right after to keep your body hydrated.  If you feel swelling..swollen..bust out your HC/RX

Gardening: Gardening is a summer activity that many people enjoy, but it also puts a lot of stress on our joints and muscles. Combine all of the kneeling, lifting, digging and carrying heavy plants and tools around, you’re bound to feel at least a little sore afterwards. Remember to lift heavy items properly by lifting with your knees - not your back! Also, take frequent breaks to avoid hunching over for too long. Use your Handy Cure/HandyRx during these breaks to avoid pains later on.  

Sleep: Having trouble sleeping at night? You’re not alone; it's common for people to develop insomnia (or for those who already experience insomnia, for it to worsen) during the summer. One reason for this is because the longer days and more sunlight impact on our sleeping patterns. Most people tend to go out more and later in the summer, which also affects our sleep schedules. If you have any traveling planned, you might find yourself sleeping in a different bed; many people find it harder to sleep in a bed that’s not their own.

Our bodies do the most healing while we are asleep; if you find your pain is becoming unmanageable, try taking a nap during the day, or giving yourself a strict bedtime to ensure you are getting the proper amount of sleep each night. You can also use the Handy Cure softlaser on any aching muscles or joints  before you go to bed each night to help speed up the healing process.

Traveling: Most of us travel at least once during the summer. As much fun as a vacation is, the process of traveling can take a toll on our bodies. Sitting in a car or on a plane for long periods of time can cause stiffness and pain all over the body, especially the neck and back. The Handy Cure/HandyRx soft laser is travel sized, making it easy to pack and use on the go.

Sports: Going to sporting events is another fun activity that many people enjoy. Unfortunately, the stadium seats or bleachers are often hard and uncomfortable and lack the necessary support for proper posture. If you’re going to a child’s game, try and bring your own chair that offers proper support. 

For professional sporting events, bring a seat cushion if you can so that you’re not sitting on hard surfaces. Try and remember to get up and stretch every once in awhile to give your body a break. Set a timer on your phone that reminds you to get up and stretch every 20 minutes or so. Also, don’t forget your Handy Cure/HandyRx to use on the go if you feel any pain or stiffness. You can use it before,after or during the game as well for extra pain relief.

If you are the one participating in the event, again use the Handy Cure/HandyRx soft laser before and after the game for increased healing. Don’t forget to stretch before and after to keep your blood circulating in your muscles; this, with the help of the Handy Cure/HandyRx, will keep any swelling down and speed up recovery time.

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