Get Toes Ready for Summer with the Cure Ex!

With summer and warmer weather coming up, you might be starting to think about freeing your feet from the confinement of winter boots. But then you look at your toes and realize you have developed a nasty case of toenail fungus over those cold winter months.

Toenail fungus not only looks gross, but if it stays, it can get worse, spread to other toes, and even begin to hurt. When you suffer from toenail fungus, you probably want it gone as of yesterday. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. But there is a way to treat your toenail fungus quickly, with this amazing device called the Cure Ex from Pain Relief Online.

Why Cure Ex Over Other Treatments?

Often people associate laser treatment with doctors, waiting rooms, and embarrassing explanations to friends and co-workers about why they need to keep going to the doctors. The Cure Ex is actually a portable, at-home laser treatment, which means you don’t have to go to a doctor, or take long time periods out of your day to use it. You can use it alone or with other treatments to cure your toenail fungus faster.   

How Does it Work?

The Cure Ex uses a low level laser pulse radiation to penetrate deep into the cell tissue to target and destroy the fungus. The laser works to accelerate the production of healthy cells, while the blue light is used to destroy the fungal cells and prevent them from regrowing. Together, these different energies and lasers work to cure toenail fungus. A single treatment takes only seven minutes, and most people saw an improvement after using the Cure Ex daily for 3-4 months; so start now and have great looking toes by summer!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Toenail fungus is a disease, and needs to be treated or else it's going to get worse. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you can just ignore it, or leave it alone and it will cure itself, like a cold.

Treatment does take time, so do yourself a favour and start yours as soon as possible. And ladies, don’t think you can cover it up with a pedicure. This can make it worse and even spread the fungus to other toes. Enjoy the comfort of sandals and open toe shoes without the embarrassment this summer with the Cure Ex.  

Want to purchase a Cure Ex or learn more about how it works? Head over to Pain Relief Online today or call 1-(660) 264-0737 to talk to one of our experts today!