Discover Laser Therapy Treatments for Myositis

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced some form of muscle strain during our daily activities. But frequent and increased muscle pain may point to more severe conditions. When your muscle pain worsens or is joined with muscle weakness, joint pain, fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing, swallowing or moving your limbs, it could be Myositis. With Myositis, you experience severe inflammation in your muscles, escalating and prolonging muscle pain. To maintain a normal and healthy life, managing the condition often requires medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. Recent pain relief research now also point to laser therapy treatments for Myositis and help treat muscle pain.

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Managing Myositis

While there currently is no known cure for Myositis, there are ways to help manage the pain and provide relief. With this condition, muscle weakness, skin rashes and even inflammation of blood vessels are often side effects; there are a number of medical options that each treat these effects. Doctors may prescribe you with Corticosteroids and other drugs that suppress the immune system in order to slow down the attack on healthy tissue and improve skin rash. Anti-inflammatories such as aspirin or ibuprofen may also be prescribed for ongoing pain. But other than these, there is no one medicine that heals Myositis.

A lifestyle change is another way to help manage Myositis. Physical activities such as exercise and physiotherapy have been known to help reduce Myositis pain. Other things like getting enough rest, proper nutrition, and reducing stress are vital in preserving healthy muscles and preventing further strain. Physical activities in the form of regular stretching and physiotherapy help maintain range of motion in your weakened arms and legs, preventing permanent muscle shortening. Balancing exercise with rest also preserves healthy muscles. Eating balanced and nutritious meals ensure you are getting the enough vitamins and minerals to support a healthy body. Finally, reducing stress is key to relaxing the entire body.

How Laser Therapy Works

Recent advancements in pain relief studies showed that low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a new way to treat muscle strains and provide relief. Laser therapy treatments for Myositis can be done with taking medication. Laser therapy is a pain-free, non-invasive, and drug-free treatment used to treat and control various pain syndromes. It’s also now used to treat musculoskeletal disorders, including muscle strains. Laser therapy treatments combine different energies that target inflamed muscles and joints to reduce swelling. By doing this, proper circulation is promoted around the body and blood flow increases in affected areas, speeding up the healing process.

Lasers work in therapy treatments for Myositis by reducing swelling and muscle fatigue. When low level laser light reaches the deepest layers of the skin, it triggers microcirculation. This effectively reducing the swelling and allows the muscles to heal faster.

Laser Therapy Treatment at Home

There are many ways to access to laser therapy treatments for Myositis. You can get laser therapy from clinics, but that will involve large recurring expenses and fixing your schedule to accommodate numerous clinic appointments. You can also opt to get the Handy Cure/HandyRx; with your own Handy Cure/HandyRx laser device at home, you can manage your own treatments and address muscle pain the moment you feel it. Myositis makes it hard to move around and go out; this is exactly why Handy Cure/HandyRx’s at-home laser therapy technology is the perfect treatment to help you relieve pain, regain muscle function and resume your normal routine.

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