Are Your Patients Asking About Low-Level Laser Therapy? Here Are All the Answers You Need!

If you’re a chiropractor or physiotherapist, you’ve no doubt had quite some patients walk into your clinic, asking for tips on how they can relieve their pain symptoms at home. Sometimes, mobility exercises alone don’t quite cut it. It may just be time to talk to them about the benefits of low-level laser therapy. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about this therapeutic modality for pain relief. 

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), also known as cold laser therapy, is a form of medicine that uses low-powered lasers on the surface of the skin. Where high powered lasers can be used to cut tissue; these lasers, powered within a specific range of low intensity, can be used to stimulate or enhance cell function and relieve pain without any pain during the treatment itself. Using our LaserTRX pain relief device, for instance, you can experience the benefits of low-level laser therapy in the comfort of your own home on your own time.

LLLT treatments are generally quick, lasting only 15-20 minutes with the results being accumulative, having most people feel the results after 3-4 treatments. Treatment varies with each condition, a long-standing issue may take 10-15 treatments and an acute condition might range between 1-6 treatments.


How does it compare to high-powered lasers?

At higher power, the laser will heat your skin and potentially cause discomfort, that is why LLLT has the nickname cold laser therapy. 

Higher irradiance can pose a threat if you have tattoos, the heat can cause the dye to absorb the laser energy and be painful. Low-level laser therapy does not pose this threat because it does not heat your skin in any way. Even higher and the laser will cut tissue, so the power level is very important to keep within a safe range.

What can LLLT do for me?

Low-level laser therapy uses lasers gently on the skin on specific problem areas. The low power laser doesn't pierce the skin but instead activates the cells and structures within and under the skin. 

One such effect is that blood circulation increases both during and after an LLLT treatment, regulated circulation helps with inflammation and blood flow to problem areas carrying important nutrients to help injuries recover faster. 

The low-intensity radiation from the red light laser has a positive effect on the quality and quantity of endogenous photosensitizers in blood plasma which increases cell bacterial activity in cells. This is thought to help in healing wounds and trophic ulcers while also keeping them clean which helps the healing process even more. LLLT also increases metabolism at the cellular level promoting and accelerating ATP which gives energy to cells to help them do their jobs. 

What is ATP?

Adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) is an organic compound made up of adenine, a ribose sugar, and three phosphate groups, which is important for storing and moving energy in cells. Cells need the energy stored in ATP for different tasks such as transporting needed substances, doing mechanical work such as moving muscles, and driving metabolic reactions. 

Additionally, adenosine triphosphate can act as a neurotransmitter, having receptors all over the body but mainly located in the lungs, intestines, bladder, and arteries helping to add chemical stability. ATP gives your cells the energy to do their jobs more efficiently which helps in multiple ways.


What conditions can LLLT help treat?

Low-level laser therapy can be used for a large range of different conditions from joint issues to scoliosis, here are just some of the conditions that LLLT can benefit from continuous regular usage:

- Osteochondrosis
- Scoliosis
- Stiffness
- Inflammation
- Intervertebral disk hernia
- Post-traumatic pain
- Carriage disorders
- Radiculitis
- Ischialgia
- Fibromyalgia
- Arthritis
- Contractures
- Myositis
- Muscle and ligament strains
- Sports-related injuries
- Tendon and muscle strains
- Back soreness
- Tennis elbow


What can LaserTRX do for me?

The LLLT Laser TRX cold laser device is made to small and portable to fit easily within your life. Coming with a long-lasting 18-hour battery our device is non-invasive so it’s very easy to use and effective. Similar devices could run you upwards of $3,000 but the LLLT Laser TRX cold laser device is conveniently priced at under $1,000 so you won't have to break the bank. 

LLLT Laser TRX cold laser device is perfect if you have chronic pain issues that just won't leave you alone and don't have the time, money, or energy to make regularly scheduled treatments. 

With regular use, the LLLT Laser TRX cold laser device can be effective in minimizing your pain simply without much effort for you! Now with our product, you can enjoy time with family and friends this holiday season without worry! This device is portable so that you can take it with you wherever you need it on your travels; so whether you are at home, relaxing on the beach, or taking an exciting hike low-level laser therapy can help you be yourself to the fullest.


Low-Level Laser Therapy is a Great Pain Relief Treatment For Your Patients!

Whether it’s a sports injury or chronic arthritis that's holding your patients back the LLLT Laser TRX cold laser device can help them get back to experiencing everything fully with no worries about the pain coming back or arising at any time. 

The LLLT device provides the relief and peace of mind that your patients need in a safe and effective manner.