Cure Ex product reviews

Best treatment for nail fungus!

I’ve been looking for a treatment for years to help me get rid of of toe fungus and nothing was working. I tried creams, prescriptions, you name it but nothing was keeping it at bay. After using the cure-EX for a little over two months I’ve seen a huge improvement. After the first few weeks I started to notice my toenail start to clear up. I’m hoping in a couple more weeks it’ll be completely cleared up. The clip is super easy to use, you just clip it onto your toe and it does the work for you. Its comfortable, doesn’t hurt at all and the treatment time is really quick. Plus you do it from home so no more trips to the doctor’s office. So far the best treatment I’ve tried in years!

Jonathan (Barrie, ON ) February 2016

Saves you from embarrassment

I’ve been super embarrassed of my toe fungus ever since I started noticing two years ago. I haven’t wanted to wear flip-flops or go swimming with my friends because I was too scared of showing my toes. I tried going to a dermatologist but treatments can be super pricey and add up fast. One day I was browsing online and came across the cure-EX and decided to try it based on other reviews. I started noticing a difference around the fourth week of using it everyday. I’ve been continuously using it for about seven weeks now and have noticed a big difference. I think in another month or so it it’ll be gone. Just in time for flip-flop season!  

Jenny (Austin, TX) August 2015

Best recommendation

After talking to a friend about how much I hate showing my feet because of my yellow toenails she recommended that I try the cure-EX. She said her husband had been trying to get rid of his toe fungus for over twenty years but it just kept coming back. After finding this online he gave it a try and it was cured in only a few months. I was a little skeptical but ordered it and hoped for the best. It came about a week later and three weeks after using the device I noticed my toes clearing up. I was amazed! I started using it twice a day and noticed it worked even faster. It was incredibly easy to use, you just clip it onto your toe for seven minutes, and it didn’t burn or itch like some prescription creams I’ve used in the past which was a huge plus. Overall this has been the best treatment I’ve used.

Ben (NYC, NY) May 2015

cure-EX is awesome!

This treatment has been a lifesaver! I got a gross fungal infection in one of my toes on vacation last year and it spread. I was going to see doctors and dermatologist constantly to try and get rid of it but it just kept coming back. So after spending way too much time and money on medications I researched online and found the website for the cure-EX and decided to take the plunge and ordered it. I used it once a day for a month and definitely started to see the infection begin to clear up. A couple more weeks later and it was gone! I couldn’t believe it! If you’re trying to decide on whether or not to get it, get it! You won’t be disappointed.

Talia (San Jose, CA) March 2014

Cleared up my toes fast!

Ever since I started playing hockey in my pre-teens I started to get yellow toes. Probably from all the sweat and being cramped into skates. I’m now in my twenties and still struggling to get rid of my toe fungus. It's been really annoying trying to find something that actually gets rid of it. My doctor kept prescribing me medicated creams that worked for a few months but the fungus always came back. A buddy I used to play with recommended the cure-EX to me, and at this point I was ready to try anything. It was really easy to use, wasn’t flimsy at all like I was expecting, and the treatment only took seven minutes. It seemed similar to a laser treatment I tried a few years ago but this was way less expensive and you can do it right from your home. A month later I saw a big improvement on my feet and the more I use it the bigger the improvement.  

Andrew (Toronto, ON) June 2013