Livia: A Tiny TENS Machine for PMS Pain

tens machine for period pain

The TENS machine is a classic device for period pain. Many are used to treat chronic pain and only produce relief after a couple of uses. In the past they’ve been made for use in the home, which can be quite limiting depending on what you’re using it for. Fortunately, the new Livia device targets the treatment of period pain and does so in a much more efficient and useful way.

Portable and Discreet Pain Relief

Livia transforms everything you knew about TENS machines in the past in terms of size and portability. The device is just a tiny square you can clip onto your shirt or pants and adhere to your abdomen. Its size makes it completely discreet, allowing you to easily keep it concealed. Not only is it secretive, its lightweight model lets you take it with you anywhere for 24h period pain relief. You can use it whenever you need it without anyone knowing. That’s something completely new and unique the TENS machine has never seen before.

Instantaneous Period Pain Relief

The Livia's fast acting electric pulses provide quick relief to the pelvic region, targeting the pelvic nerves responsible for debilitating period pains. With very low voltage, the electric waves loosen your cramping pain by rearranging your nerve makeup. This disturbance amongst the nerve endings makes them unable to send pain signals to the brain. When the brain doesn’t pick up a pain signal, you no longer have to feel it.

All of this is done instantaneously, so you don’t have to wait for relief. In the past, TENS machines have been known to only provide significant period pain relief after a couple uses. Why not be efficient and use one that does exactly what you need it to, when you need it to.

An Affordable Solution to Period Pain  

Most TENS machines on the market can cost you upwards of $600 bucks. Fortunately, the fresh and new TENS machine, Livia, comes through at the very realistic price of $149. In fact, it’s approximately a fourth of the cost of the most expensive devices out there. The price makes this new device a real and affordable solution for the average woman with problematic period pain.

Sleek and Bright Design

The Livia device makes treating your period pain in public an easy and hassle free process. You can select a colour of your choice (purple, aqua, or pink) and easily wear it in public for your convenience. The design offers you flexibility in your choice to either have it visible or hidden, and resembles the shape of a fitness tracking device. This way, It blends right into the modern aesthetic of self improvement.

If you’ve tried a TENS machine in the past or if this is a new concept to you, the Livia is something new and never done before. You can buy it here today to take advantage of our 120 day money back guarantee plus free shipping. Benefit from all Livia has to offer you on your next period all for just $149!

Get a new understanding of the TENS machine with the Livia. The drug free, instant, portable device is the new standard for period pain relief. Contact us today at 660-264-0737!