Say Goodbye to Menstrual Pain with Livia

Last week it was food cravings, and this week it’s bloating, breakouts, and cramps - signs you know all too well: it’s that time of the month again. And it’s not just you, because 90% of women experiencing the same menstrual pains are also on the lookout for a simple yet long-term and effective solution to alleviate such pain and know that their search can be well, painful.

It’s easy to pop painkillers because they’re accessible, easy to use, and provide quick relief, but their side effects can’t be ignored in the long run, like lowered tolerance and potential health conditions such as kidney damage. With this in mind, you might be struggling to think of alternatives for your bottle of ibuprofen.

Luckily, there’s the Livia device that takes the advantages of using painkillers to relieve menstrual pain, with simultaneously has the added benefit of being a natural and chemical-free solution. Using Livia, you can instantly reduce and even eliminate menstrual pain with a device that you can easily set up, accessorize, and maintain. Want to know more about this small, but powerhouse and drug-free solution to menstrual pain? Here’s everything you need to know about the Livia!

What is Livia?

Rigorously-tested and clinically-proven for outstanding clinical results, Livia is an excellent option for those looking for a natural and chemical-free solution to eliminate their menstrual pain. Simple to use and with the ability to discretely place with any outfit, it’s a small device you can wear; but before you ask - no, the Livia never gets in the way of your day-to-day activities - you can even work out with it. The Livia’s goal? Let you be the best you possible - anytime and anywhere, even during that time of the month!

How does it work?

Livia devices are powered by specific electrical pulses that actively work to block the sensation of pain from the lower abdominal area to the brain. In doing so, Livia offers a chemical-free method of reducing and eliminating menstrual pain. Depending on the intensity and frequency of your period cramps,  Livia devices can also be adjusted to different levels to suit your needs.

Livia comes with an easy to use USB charging device that provides ample power to the device to be used at your convenience or on longer days.   So whether you’re going to work, attending a party, or playing sports, Livia provides secure and convenient relief no matter how busy or hectic your schedule is.

How do I set up and use my Livia device?

Setting up your Livia device can be both fun and hassle-free! Simply attach the Livia device to your clothes, turn it on, and experience instant relief through the gel pads or “stickers” attached to the device.  Each Livia kit comes pre-packaged with the device itself,  USB charging cable, travel case, flower pads,  3 months supply of gels sticks, and a device cover. The cover for your Livia device can even be accessorized with different colors, letting you stay stylish, too.

How effective is Livia?

With over 50% of women experiencing at least menstrual cramps, finding a device that works well and fast can be a challenge. Based on an empirical study of over 163 women, Livia has been an effective solution in relieving menstrual pain for 80% of participants. Meanwhile, regular Livia users have reported that they’ve used Livia “...for a short time and it works right away”, and others have noted that Livia is a “fun and fashionable” device that they enjoy using.

Dreaming of a pain-free period? It’s possible! Try the Livia device, an effective and drug-free solution to every girl’s menstrual pain. Order yours today online and get free shipping to Canada. Call (660) 264- 0737 to learn more.