Get the Best LLLT Products for Pain Relief with the HandyRx


The use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) products, or cold laser therapy for pain relief, is relatively new, and as with any treatment, it comes with its own set of clear advantages and potential disadvantages. Here, we’ll learn about the features that make cold laser therapy a top choice for pain relief and management, and discover how the continuous growth and development of LLLT products, like the HandyRx laser device can treat and effectively manage pain-related conditions, providing much-needed relief, and improved quality of life in the process.

Clear Advantages of LLLT Products for Pain Relief

LLLT products for pain relief, such as the HandyRx device, are becoming a top choice for pain management because of their non-invasive and nontoxic nature. Because the HandyRx is a handheld LLLT pain relief device, it does not require a surgical incision for it to treat the areas of the body where pain is prevalent. Instead of highly-invasive surgeries, the device uses laser to penetrate the body’s tissue, repair damaged cells, and promote improved microcirculation to relieve pain and help treat pain causing conditions.

Cold laser therapy is also nontoxic. LLLT products for pain relief such as the HandyRx do not require taking medication in order to activate the effects of laser therapy. In addition, many patients have now also shifted to LLLT for pain relief in order to avoid the potentially toxic or negative effects of taking too many pills and medicines, particularly on the liver.

The HandyRx laser therapy device is handheld, making it suitable for at-home use, for which it was specifically designed. As laser therapy becomes widely available, the at-home use, handheld nature of the HandyRx device certainly takes pain relief up a notch, as it eliminates the need to schedule clinic appointments for the same treatment and therapeutic pain relief that can be achieved at home, and on your own time.

LLLT Challenges

Using LLLT products for pain relief is not a one-time solution for completely treating your condition and managing pain symptoms. Often, treatments using cold laser therapy devices such as the HandyRx require a number of sessions in order to take full effect and completely restore your health.

However, with continued use over just a few weeks, patients using the HandyRx LLLT device will definitely notice significant improvements in their condition - all still faster than the recovery period following a critical surgery, and without posing the risk of liver damage that some medications do.

Majority of health insurance providers have now started to cover the cost of cold laser therapy treatments. But if yours doesn’t, there’s a one-time cost involved in purchasing a HandyRx LLLT pain relief device, which can cause others to think twice.

But even so, when ordered from Pain Relief Online, patients can expect every penny of their money’s worth - thanks to perks such as money-back guarantee, free worldwide shipping, the device’s longevity, and still, the relatively low cost of the device when compared to a lifetime of taking medications, as well as the overall cost involved in undergoing and recovering from surgery.

Safety Precautions to Follow when Using LLLT for Pain Relief

To ensure your safety while undergoing laser therapy, as well as the effectiveness of your HandyRx LLLT device in providing pain relief, a few restrictions must be observed and upheld at all times.

Your HandyRx device must not be used over any suspicious cancerous lesions, or carcinoma. Exposing your thyroid, as well as your eyes to the laser emitted by the device should also be avoided, as this can cause permanent damage. Finally, pregnant patients should refrain from using cold laser therapy if they suffer from pain-related conditions the HandyRx can otherwise safely treat one everyone else, as the full effects of LLLT on unborn children are still being studied.

Get the best value for your LLLT treatment with the HandyRx device, and reap the benefits of improved health in just a few, short weeks! Order your device online here.