Keeping Your Nails Healthy & Fighting Fungus

Maintaining good looking nails is difficult, we know! The reason is because nails are not alive, they are dead. New cells develop under your cuticles, and push up the older, dead cells which form the flat, hard surface we call nails. If nails were alive, they would be able to repair themselves, but since we need to maintain them to keep them looking good, it's not a bad idea to know how.

If you have tried just about everything to help the look of your nails and to fight the fungus, dont give up - try the cure-ex nail laser! It is an easy way to keep your nails healthy and get rid of existing nail fungus. Order yours today and have healthier looking nails for summer!

Do’s and Don'ts for Healthy Nails

Nail Do’s

Moisturize your nails

Your nails need to be hydrated as most issues come up with your nails are dry. Dry nails often become brittle, crack and peel.  If your cuticles are dehydrated, you are giving them the opportunity to turn into painful and infected hangnails. The best moisturizers to choose for hydrating your nails will be thick and even greasy. There are many hand-creams that will be specific for nail hydration. 

Wear the right shoe size

If you are smushing your feet into shoes that are too small, or even too pointy, your toenails may be growing into the surrounding skin which can cause an ingrown nail. When nails are too long, tight shoes can cause even more damage.  If your toes touch the front of your shoe, nails can crack, turn black-and-blue or lift, which can lead to infection. 

Nail Don’ts

Go barefoot in public places

Keep your shoes on while you are in public places such as swimming pools, locker rooms and shoe stores. Warm, damp environments are a breeding ground for fungi and viruses. Carry flip flops or sandals around and make sure to ask for hose at the shoe store. 

Share a nail file

Resist the urge to let anyone — even a relative — use your emery board. This tool is a porous germ-trapper. Keep yours to yourself, and replace it often.


Facts about Fungus

Fungal nail infections account for about 50 percent of all nail disorders!  Humid places are nail fungus favorites. This explains why sweaty shoes and damp socks make your toenails more susceptible to infection than the fingernails. Untreated athlete's foot and nail injuries can also make your nails prone to infection.

Nail infections can settle in without you even realizing it. Just to be on the safe side, if you're an avid polish wearer, it's a good idea to remove it and inspect your fingers and toes. Nail fungus is also contagious and can be spread from one nail to another. Note that nail infections aren't dangerous, but they can be extremely painful and quite unsightly. 

Warning Signs of Nail Fungus

If you notice that your nails are thicker, turning yellowish, crumbling, or lifting from the nail bed, these are all signs of nail fungus. 


Since the infection occurs under the nail plate or in the nail bed, successful treatment can take up to several months. For new or mild cases, a topical medication may help.There are also prescription oral medications available for nail fungus.

The Cure-Ex combines the energies of low level laser pulse radiation and visible blue light, that accelerate the production and formation of "healthy cells" while the blue light will destroy any fungal cells. 

How to Prevent Nail Fungus

* Wash and feet regularly, and make sure to dry them thoroughly
* Keep your nails short and trimmed
*  Wear socks that absorb sweat, to wick away moisture (wool, nylon and polypropylene)
* Choose ventilated footwear
* Avoid wearing old shoes as they can harbor fungi and cause a reinfection
* Spray or sprinkle antifungal spray or powder onyour feet and the insides of your shoes
* Make sure the place you go for a manicure or pedicure sterilizes its instruments
* Give up nail polish and artificial nails. Nail Polish can trap unwanted moisture and worsen the infection
* Wash your hands after touching an infected nail. Nail fungus can spread from nail to nail


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