The Cure-Ex vs Medication: Why LLLT is a Better Treatment for Nail Fungus


Are you sick of having to constantly purchase prescription or over-the-counter medications for your nail fungus, only for it to come back a few weeks later? Often times, medications will only temporarily fix the problem; if not treated properly, the infection will come back. Luckily, there is a device call the Cure-EX that not only treats nail fungus infections effectively, but also prevents it from returning. Best part - you can use it in the comfort of your own home! Say “bye-bye” to going to see a doctor for treatments or prescriptions! Go to Pain Relief Online to learn more and to read customer reviews! Keep reading to see how the Cure-EX compares to medication.

The Cure-Ex v. Medication

More and more doctors are turning to cold laser therapy (also known as LLLT) to treat variety of medical conditions, nail fungus being one of them. This is the same technology found in the Cure-EX. Unlike traditional lasers, which use heat, cold laser therapy uses a unique, intense light to kill the fungus and promote cell regrowth. Researchers have found the oral medications might be successful in about 50% of cases, and rub-on medications, such as creams or nail paint, are often only successful in about 10% of cases. They found the 90% of the cases where the patients used laser therapy for nail fungus were successful.

When you go to see a doctor, they are likely to give you either an oral prescription medicine, or a medical cream to get rid of the fungus infection. These medications might help relieve the pain and get rid of the fungus for a short period of time, but often this is just a temporary fix, and the infection comes back.

Using medications can put you at risk for side-effects, allergic reactions, or the medication might just be ineffective. The Cure-EX has absolutely no side-effects, and has been proven long-lasting results in only a few of weeks. Over the counter and prescribed medications can’t be combined with other remedies; the Cure-EX can be used by itself, or with other medications or creams to speed up the healing process.

Price Comparison

Constantly having to buy medication or going to see a doctor is expensive; with the Cure-EX, you pay a flat rate once and that’s it. Also, unlike medications, the Cure-EX doesn’t need a refill, and shuts itself off after a session is complete, so you’ll never have to worry about using it too much. The Cure-EX can be used just once daily, or multiple times a day to speed up healing, which you can’t do with medication. You also don’t have to worry about taking it at specific times, before or after meals, mixing it with other prescriptions, or other specifications that medications tend to have.

Treatment Effectiveness

The Cure-EX treatment is painless, though if you have a particularly bad infection, you may feel a bit of discomfort from clipping the device to your toes or fingers. The laser in the Cure-EX can be targeted in specific areas, even deep into the skin tissue, to kill the fungus. Medication might be able to relieve the fungus infection quickly, it doesn’t stop it from coming back, which the cure-Ex does. The cure-Ex can also be used even when your nail fungus is gone to prevent it from coming back, and to strengthen your nails.  

Remember, while the cure-Ex is an effective treatment for nail fungus, if your symptoms persist or get worse, medical intervention might be necessary and you should consult a doctor.

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