6 Nail Fungus Myths Debunked

Sometimes it's hard to separate fact from fiction, especially when it comes to our health. Nail fungus infections have quite a few myths about them circulating the web. Here, we will debunk the top 6 myths found on the internet about nail fungus cures.

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Nail Fungus Myths

The fungus will go away on its own: Medical treatment is an absolute must for your nail fungus infection; it's not going to go away on its own. Keep this in mind; it’s very likely that if you leave it alone, it will worsen or spread to other nails- which is something you definitely don’t want!

Nail fungus is a result of poor hygiene: Anyone can get a nail fungus infection; it has nothing to do with your personal hygiene.  You can contract an infection from walking barefoot in public places, wearing tight shoes, getting scratches on your nails, and many other ways. In comparison to other people, athletes are more likely to get fungus infections from gym showers or swimming pools. Nail fungus is the result of the environment, not of personal care.

Changing your diet will treat an infection: Some people believe that reducing sugar from their diets will help to heal a nail fungus infection. Fungus tends to thrive in rich refined sugars diets and while decreasing your sugar intake won’t completely cure your infection alone, it might help when combined with proven methods.  

You can’t cure the infection with oral medication: You can treat the infection with oral medications, but this is usually not the most effective method. Oral medications tend to take longer to clear up infections, and are often just a temporary solution. The infection is under the nail, so using methods that are able to quickly penetrate under the surface of the nail are the the best options for getting rid of nail fungus. Using treatments like the Cure-Ex or medicated creams are not only faster, but much more effective.

Nail fungus infections aren’t curable: While treatment does take time, nail fungus infections are definitely curable. There are over the counter creams that you can purchase, oral medications, and now even laser therapy to help cure nail fungus infections. The laser treatment can even be used in the comfort of your own home. If your infection is persistent or painful, it's recommended that you seek medical attention to discuss your treatment options.   

Nail fungus infections are rare: While having a nail fungus infection can be embarrassing, they’re not rare and you are not alone! Studies have shown the around 10% of Canadians will get a nail infection at some point in their life.

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