Therapists, Here’s How an LLLT Device Helps Patients Struggling With Fibromyalgia | Cold Laser For Fibromyalgia Pain

LLLT or low-level laser therapy is an easy to use portable solution for many people’s aches and pains no matter the cause or intensity. Physiotherapists, you’ve all experienced having someone walk in and ask for tips they themselves can take towards helping their pain with fibromyalgia. LLLT provides pain relief at home for your patients to take control of their recovery. This cold laser technology for fibromyalgia pain no matter where or what time or what stage or condition their fibromyalgia is in.

What is LLLT?

LLLT or low-level laser therapy is also known as cold laser therapy, uses low-powered lasers on the surface of the skin to stimulate cells and relieve pain. Where high powered lasers are used to cut; low level, or cold, lasers are powered within a specific range to enhance cell function and relieve pain without any pain during the treatment. LLLT devices are fully portable and easy to use, letting treatments be performed no matter where or when a pain fair up could happen.

LLLT treatments are also relatively quick, lasting between 15-20 minutes, and having results after 3-4 treatments. This all depends on the condition and state of the pain, of course, some people may find that stronger pain and a more developed condition could take more treatment sessions.

Will It Work For My Patients?

LLLT has been proven to benefit many various professions and clients from chiropractors, sports therapists, physiotherapists, to even podiatry. Low-level laser therapy focuses specifically on the pain and encouraging new cells to speed recovery so no matter the cause, condition, or state of your patient it can be a great benefit.

Many people once experiencing a condition such as fibromyalgia are especially hit hard by how it changes their life and can take daily small joys from them because of the pain. Relying on others to heal and prescribe them can feel like their autonomy is taken away and they can do nothing but follow directions and try to make it through each day. With low-level laser therapy, your patients can be active participants in their health and healing boosting not only their condition physically but mentally.

What Can LLLT do?

Past pain relief and encouraging cells to boost healing, one other effect is blood circulation increases, helping with nay potential inflammation and flowing blood carrying important nutrients to the problem areas to help injuries recover faster. 

The low-intensity radiation from the laser has a positive effect on both the quantity and quality of photosensitizers in the blood plasma which increases cell activity. Boosting their activity helps to heal wounds. LLLT also increases metabolism at the cellular level accelerating ATP which gives the cells the energy they need to perform their jobs. 

Why Promote It To My Patients?

It’s not uncommon for patients to become disgruntled and potentially lazy with and stretches or exercises you prescribe. Instead of a step in the right direction for their health, some people can view it more as a chore than anything. That’s why LLLT can be so fantastic for patients, having them involved and more in control with their recovery gets them invested and seeing the results to both your input and theirs using the low-level laser therapy device.

The price might be weighing on our mind as well, “if it is expensive then nobody will buy and there’ll be no point right?” 

Take Advantage of the Best At Home LLLT Pain Relief Treatment

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