LLLT Device Pain Relief - Cold Laser Therapy or Knee Replacement Surgery: Which Treatment is Better For Me?

Your knees are an important part of your legs that support it day-to-day. However, knee pain can make walking difficult and your legs will not be as supported as they should be. Some choose to have their knee replaced via surgery, but others are turning to cold laser therapy to relieve the conditions of knee pain. 

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If you need cold laser therapy for knee pain, Pain Relief Online has the products that can relieve any pain you are dealing with. Our expansive inventory has all the highest quality cold laser technology available for use. So if you need an effective LLLT device for pain relief, we have you covered. 

To learn more about the wonders of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), we will highlight the benefits of this revolutionary technology and list the reasons it may be a better alternative to traditional knee replacement surgery. 


Is Laser Therapy Effective for Knee Pain?

Laser therapy uses low level lasers that are cold (as opposed to surgical lasers, which may be hotter) and pressed gently on the skin to treat the targeted area. From there, the lasers help your body release valuable endorphins and enkephalins that produce an analgesic effect that blocks pain on certain nerve tissues. 

With a combination of LLLT and physical therapy, bone-on-bone knee pain can be reduced or eliminated. The cold laser therapy treatment also reduces knee irritation and strengthens the surrounding muscles and ligaments around the area to lower pressure. LLLT is highly effective for knee pain because it stimulates and circulates your body’s growth cells and healing functions. Thus, this leads to faster healing times and more opportunity for you to do the things you love. 


Is Low Level Laser Therapy Safe?

Since a low level laser uses light that is not too hot, it is generally considered safe and risk free. The light does not emit too much heat to damage your skin and follows a minimally invasive procedure that can be done at home. Moreover, there are no side effects and the treatment is effective in treating both chronic and acute injuries, especially in pressurized areas like the knee.


Does Cold Laser Therapy Really Work? 

While the science behind cold laser and low level laser therapy is still being researched, we have many promising, successful results so far. For all the skeptics out there, low level laser devices use four different energies to relieve pain. 

First, our devices utilize low level pulse laser radiation and infrared radiation to deliver the most effective cold laser. A bright visible red light is added to help you navigate towards the affected area and apply the laser lights to it. Lastly, the static magnetic fields make sure the lasers work accordingly and the device is stable. 


Which One is Better: Cold Laser Therapy or Knee Replacement Surgery?

Our final verdict between the two is that  cold laser therapy (or LLLT) is a much more viable treatment than traditional knee surgery. In addition to the faster healing time and side effect free treatment, low level laser therapy will deliver much relief for your knee by targeting the right trigger points. No prescriptions or downtime is required and you can administer the LLLT device yourself if you wish. 

Overall, cold laser therapy is a simple, quick, and effective way of easing the pain in your knee without the hassle of knee replacement via surgery. 


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