Treat Fungal Nail Infections With A Drug-Free Solution Before It Turns Bad

cure ex toenail fungal treatment

The season of fungal infections is nearing as summer approaches in the coming months. What activates natural growth of fungi is the warm and moist environment and most likely if you are not keeping clean. One of the most vulnerable areas to fungal growth is your nails.


What causes fungus in fingernails?

Fungal nail infections occur due to fungal overgrowth around broken nails or areas under the nails if they are constantly exposed to warm and moist environment and not kept clean. They can spread quickly to all other nails if not treated well in advance. According to NHS Inform, toenails are more frequently affected than the fingernails.


Having a fungal nail infection can be very frustrating and painful. Not only this, if left untreated it can be spread to others. These days, you have the option to treat it without any medication by using innovative Cure Ex nail fungus laser that runs on low-level laser technology.   


How to know if you have a fungal nail infection?

You know you have a fungal nail infection if:

  • Your nails are discolored - turning white, blue or yellow

  • It is painful around the nail area every time you put pressure on it

  • Your nails are getting brittle and tend to break off easily

  • Your nails have an unusual texture

  • The area around your nails is inflamed


What is the best treatment for fungal nail infection?

Fungal nail infections can be treated in a number of ways including oral antifungal drugs, medicated polishes and creams and cold laser devices for home use. All these utilize different effective mechanisms to help you get rid of the infection and prevent it from spreading.


Though there are many over the counter antifungal drugs for the treatment of nail infections, there are a number of side effects that these tablets or topical antifungals including creams, gels, sprays expose you to. These might include itching, redness, diarrhea, or rashes. To counter these issues, laser therapy is the new way to go.


Can you cure toenail fungus with laser?

If you have got a fungal infection whether it is on the toenails or fingernails, laser treatment can help you to take care of it at home. There are a number of FDA approved cold laser therapy devices that use the innovative cold laser therapy techniques allowing you to get rid of them without having to take any drug.


How much does laser nail fungus treatment cost?

Typically, a laser nail fungus treatment costs depending upon the number of nails and the degree of infection. It varies between $500 to $1000 if you are getting the treatment from a laser therapist. However, if you are using a cold laser device at home it will cost $200-$300.


Cure Ex is one such device that works on the principle of low-level laser therapy to treat nail fungal infections easily and effectively. Here’s how this technology helps to treat your nail fungal infection:


  1. Pain-Free Solution

CureEx is a drug-free solution to treat problems associated with fungal nail infection also termed as onychomycosis. It utilizes 2 types of energies including low-level laser pulse radiation and visible blue light as compared to other oral and topical medications which have the potential to cause side-effects.


  1. Promotes Clear Nail Growth

These lights of short wavelengths penetrate the cell tissues of the affected area. While the laser light helps to repair damaged tissue cells and promote the growth of new cells to reduce the inflammation and improve blood circulation, the blue light works on the outer surface of the nail to kill microbes.


  1. No Side Effects

This device is FDA approved and clinically tested for successful results. It does not lead to any side-effects, however, it requires regular use 2-3 times a day for optimal results. It targets the fungal pathogens effectively with the use of light, eliminating the chances of any side-effects.


  1. Cost Effective With Money Back Guarantee

It is an affordable and portable device that costs less than what usually a proper laser treatment looks like. Also, you have the advantage of taking care of your infection at home without having to book regular sessions. And moreover, it is a one-time investment to solve your nail fungal problems with a money back guarantee of 180 days.


  1. Fully Automated Use

It helps accelerate the breakdown of fungi around the infected area with an automatic stop function that turns the device off in 7 minutes to avoid over-exposure of the laser light. This enables it to utilize the correct intensity and time of operation of the device.


Laser treatments are turning to be very promising with regular use. If you are suffering from toenail fungal infections, get in touch with our team to learn more about Cure Ex. Meanwhile, keep your feet and boots clean and tidy!