Will The Handy Cure/HandyRxSave You Money?

Depending on your condition or ailment, there may be pain-management systems available that can help lower or eliminate chronic or acute pain symptoms. For example, those who suffer with back problems may find that physiotherapy, using a TENs machine, and using The Handy Cure/HandyRx are all viable solutions to their chronic pain issues. Those with Fibromyalgia may also find that using one of the Handy Cure with their other pain management methods may be helpful. 

However, some options are more costly than others, and may not produce the same effective results. If you are looking to find a solution to your chronic or acute pain, what options should you look into? Is there truly a pain-management system that is budget friendly? Find out on our blog below.


While the use of physiotherapy for pain management is a highly debated topic, there are some patient who find that physio gives them the needed relief for their pain condition. However, physiotherapy is not a one-time investment. Consistent appointments are needed to maintain the pain-relieving effects, and a single appointment can be quite costly. This is even more of a burden when your pain condition has affected your work life, and disposal income may not be as readily available as it usually is. While physiotherapy might be right for some, it will quickly become a money pit that can be hard to get out of. Moreover, physiotherapy does not give you the flexibility needed with unpredictable pain conditions. You have to plan ahead and schedule appointments for the future, even though the pain can strike at any given time.

TENs Machine

Many consumers purchase TENs machines believing it is a one-time investment, and that they will not need to put anymore money into their pain-management solution. The adhesive pads in a TENs machine will wear out- and fast. Sadly, purchasing replacement pads is much more costly than you would assume. More over, the lower end TENs machines are infamously known for being ineffective. To have a chance at finding a pain-management solution, you will have to invest a lot more up front to find a reliable product.

The Handy Cure/HandyRx

The Handy Cure/HandyRx is truly a one-time investment. Unlike the TENs machine, where you will need to replace the adhesive pads, or physiotherapy will you will need to pay per session, The Handy Cure/HandyRx can provide pain relief whenever and wherever you need it. More over, The Handy Cure/HandyRx is significantly less expensive than higher end TENs machines, making it a lower, one-time only investment. If you are in the US or Canada, your insurance company may be able to cover the costs for your Handy Cure/HandyRx device, making the purchase even more affordable.

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