Cold Laser Therapy for Arthritis: Manage Your Pain Symptoms Today (Safe, Non-invasive, Surgery-Free)

It has been found by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that 54.4 million adults worldwide are affected by arthritis. That is a huge amount of people looking for relief but luckily the medical community is responding and doing their best to find effective treatments for any various types of people from young to old. 

One such option is using an LLLT device for pain relief, this technology lets you take your care into your own hands and treat pain any time and anywhere. By taking advantage of an LLLT laser for pain relief at home device such as LaserTRX people can worldwide reduce and manage pain on their own schedule. 

What Is LLLT and What Can it Do for Me?

LLLT stands for Low-level laser therapy and been rising in popularity in the medical community for years as a treatment option for various things. Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory effects of LLLT are significant as fast as 24 hours later. Low-level laser therapy also can work in tandem with other treatments such as medication and physical therapy to reduce the recovery time period and reduce arthritis symptoms. 

LLLT had a huge advantage of being totally portable and a quick treatment option. Generally, sessions only last about 15-20 minutes and quickly provide accumulative results with most people having an improved condition after 3-4 treatments. 

Low-level laser therapy was been working as an alternative non-invasive treatment for conditions such as RA and OA for over 10 years. Modern technology and testing have found that the beneficial effect of LLLT on arthritic joints is significant. The treatment is fully non-invasive and drug-free, while still showing significant benefit in a reduction in inflammation, swelling and pain to any affected joints.

How Can LLLT Treat Arthritis?

For a long time, traditional treatments for arthritis centred on resting the joint and an alternating application of hot and cold to the affected area. But sadly this doesn’t do much to combat the cause and mostly is effective for the pain or tension symptoms of arthritis. Rest and having heat and cold applied may only provide temporary relief, and cannot help for more serious cases and severe symptoms.

LLLT while providing therapeutic pain relief also goes deep into your cells to work on the root issue. This treatment has been proven to restore proper blood flow to the affected joints which reduce inflammation. With better blood flow and lower inflammation, this lets your body renew and restore any damaged cells and tissues at the site of the arthritic joint.  All combined, the pain reduction, improved blood flow, and thus nutrient flow, restoration of damaged cells lets LLLT fight arthritis and its symptoms at the cellular level without invasive methods like surgery. 

Win Against Arthritis With Low-level Laser Therapy!

By using a professional and top-quality LLLT device such as LaserTRX you can regain your comfort and erase the pain. Take your recovery into your hands today and call us at (660) 264-0737 to get started today!