The Importance Of Treating Nail Fungus

Is your nail fungus getting in the way of daily activities and leaving you self-conscious? While it might leave you feeling embarrassed and not wanting to draw attention to it, it is not a good idea to ignore your nail fungus. Find out how a seemingly small problem can get worse and affect your overall health.

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Health Risks Related to Nail Fungus

Nail Damage: Letting nail fungus go untreated can have your nails succumb to major damage to the point where it needs to be entirely removed! Nail fungus interferes with the nail’s ability to stay attached to the skin which is also known as onycholysis. If the damage is severe enough, the infected nail may need to be surgically removed. Sometimes a matrixectomy is performed where the “root” of the nail is destroyed, and the nail can not grow back. On top of the nail damage itself, disfigured and damaged nails just aren’t pleasant to look at aesthetically, making you feel self-conscience.

Spread: Nail fungus also has the ability to spread beyond the nails of your fingers and toes. It can spread to other nails as well as the skin around the hands and feet. A more common example is athlete's foot, in which shoes and socks are worn around an infected nail. Fungus thrives in the warm and sweaty environment around your feet.

Infection: If the nail fungus continues to get more serious, it may result in infection on the skin that can spread inside the body. Toe nail fungus can spread to the skin and cracks it, you may be vulnerable to infection from bacteria. This is known as cellulitis which needs to be treated with antibiotics. In more serious cases, cellulitis can become deadly if the infection spreads into the bloodstream.

Pain and Chronic Discomfort: The longer that nail fungus is left untreated, the more painful and uncomfortable it can be. This can get in the way of daily activities, such as wearing certain types of shoes, or being active and playing sports.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Streaks in the nailbed or underside of the nail

  • Damaged, crumbly, broken, and/or thickened nails

  • Build up of debris

  • Separated from the skin

  • Discoloured or yellow nails

Experiencing any of these signs and symptoms? Don’t let your nail fungus or other pain in your body get in the way of your daily life. Check out our products here or call us at (660) 264-0737.