Low Level Laser Therapy: Just HOW Much Can It Help?

At one point or another, we have all experienced pain in or lives. Whether due to a chronic condition, an accident, or just one of those “oh my goodness, what is this pain” moments, we know all too well how uncomfortable and debilitating pain can be. Luckily, there are a plethora of pain relief methods nowadays to combat the pain.

While there ARE many, most come with a “however” factor. Pain medications typically only provide temporary relief and can cause internal damage if taken consistently for long periods of time. Chiropractors and physiotherapists can provide great long term relief but the costs can add up if you don’t have adequate insurance to cover the treatment. LLLT technology can alleviate acute or chronic pain without causing damage to your body and wallet overtime.

pain relief device


LLLT (low-level laser therapy) is done utilizing an LLLT device. The best part? Pain relief using an LLLT device can be done at home and works wondering on just about any part of the body. 


Here are just a few places on your body that could benefit from LLLT!


Pesky neck pain

Neck pain is typically one of the most alarming types of pain considering how important the neck is to the entire infrastructure of your body. Neck pain can occur from a number of scenarios, most commonly motor vehicle accidents or poor posture. Injuries to the bones in the neck can be life-altering, however, injuries to the muscles/joints can be treated with LLLT.

Neck pain is common in those who do office/desk work as they may hunch over throughout the day. This break in proper posture can cause chronic neck pain and stiffness. Neck pain can also be caused simply by sleeping in an awkward position. Being such a sensitive spot and so susceptible to pain, LLLT technology can be utilized frequently without harmful side effects or without a hefty out of pocket price every month!


Peep the pecs

Weightlifters/powerlifters, you know this feeling all too well. You just finished a wicked chest workout, you have a pump going and you feel great, until the next day rolls around. You go to stretch your arms out or take a little too deep of a breathe and you can FEEL your pecs getting more and more sore by the minute. While this feeling typically means your workout was effective, nobody wants to be in pain for days on end. LLLT technology can be utilized on the pectorals to reduce soreness caused by overexertion or any strains/sprains that may have occurred. 


Get BACK to the normal you

Another offender when it comes to common pain - back pain. Talk to a bunch of adults and ask them how many have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. Chances are, almost all of them will say they have. Back pain is the most common form of pain and can occur for several reasons including:


  • Poor posture

  • Chronic conditions

  • Overexertion

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Overly sedentary

  • Sleeping positions


Even sitting in your car for an hour in traffic is enough to cause a low level of back pain in some. Because back pain is so common, resorting to pain medications or visiting the chiropractor every single time slight pain arises isn’t an option for many. Whether back pain is acute; caused by accidents, postures, etc, or chronic; caused by a medical condition or lasting-injury, LLLT can be utilized whenever and wherever. 


Quads, hammies, calves, you name it!


This is another one that hits home for athletes. From runners to basketball players to weightlifters and all those in between, sore legs can not only be down right painful, but can impact one's ability to participate in the sport they love doing. Pain in the legs is typically caused by overexertion or improper movement causing knots, strains, and sprains. Some pain is minimal and while other pain to these regions can cause a lot of discomfort and affect the range of motion. LLLT technology is great for athletes who are constantly on their legs. The ability to utilize an LLLT anywhere at any time allows for quicker recovery, less down time, and no pesky side effects along the way.


LLLT devices can help reduce pain in almost every part of the body and is a great option for those who find themselves experiencing a high volume of pain. The one time cost and lack of side effects makes it a cost efficient and safe way to reduce pain, decrease down time, and get you back to feeling like the best you possible!


Looking to get rid of your annoying pain? No matter where, LLLT can help! Come browse our various devices here!