Cure-Ex and Other Treatments for Nail Fungus


The treatments you can use for nail fungus varies from oral medications, at-home remedies and devices like the Cure-ex. Nail fungus can be tricky to treat because although the infection can be seen and may seem superficial, the treatment needs to get past the hard layers of keratin to actually start working on the fungal infection itself.

How to Tell if You Have a Nail Infection

Nail infections are usually easy to see. You may first see a discoloured spot on your nail before it worsens and turns the nail yellowish, causes it to be brittle or crumble, or even starts to peel away from the nailbed. There are a few other conditions that may mimic these effects, so be sure to see a doctor so they can rule out other causes.

Oral Medications vs Cure-Ex

A doctor may prescribe oral medications to help address your nail fungus. These typically take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to take effect and work by encouraging a new uninfected nail to take the place of the infected part as it grow out. It can take at least four months to completely eliminate and it’s best received when taken in conjunction with topical treatments. There are also side-effects that may be mild like a rash or serious like liver damage.


Cure-Ex works by applying low-level light radiation to your infected nail for 7 minutes a day, and should also be used for 8-12 weeks, but carries none of the same risks as medication and doesn’t need to be used with topical creams in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

At-Home Remedies vs Cure-Ex

Topical remedies can vary from at-home concoctions to doctor-prescribed anti-fungal nail polish or nail cream that you can paint or rub into the nail once a day. These treatments can sometimes take as long as a year to be effective since it needs to penetrate the infected nail bed underneath the thick keratin of the nail itself. They usually involve other steps, such as thinning the nails with with a lotion, soaking them so the treatment takes better or sloughing off layers of the nail as the treatments progress. At-home remedies are straightforward and use items you probably have at home, such as soaking the nail in apple cider vinegar or applying tea tree oil, but these methods may or may not be effective.


Cure-Ex doesn’t take nearly as long as a year and there’s no other action necessary other than simply placing it on the nail and leaving it to work for 7 minutes. You won’t need to take multiple steps for longer than 4 months, so treatment is easy and fast unlike the tedious topical treatments or ineffective at-home remedies.


Do you have a unsightly nail fungal infection you’d like to cure? Call to try Cure-Ex today with a money-back guarantee at 660-264-0737!