The Science Behind the Livia: How It Works to Reduce Period Pain

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The new and improved TENS machine, Livia, works wonders on your period pain. But what exactly do its electronic bursts do once they reach your nerves? How does it all work to relieve your symptoms in a way you can understand? Your body is your business, so you should know how it’s functioning and how you can safely relieve your period pain.

Prevalence of Period Pain Among Young Women

Most young women experience at least slight discomfort during their period. However, more than you’d think experience a significant classification of PMS pain called dysmenorrhea. Such period pain is characterized by a lingering, throbbing pain in the the lower abdomen that is accompanied by intense cramping. In a study by the University of Modena, 408 young women were given a questionnaire regarding their period pain. 84.1% of these women classified themselves as experiencing the intensity of dysmenorrhea. This number is incredibly high and reflects the action that needs to be taken to relieve period pain as fast and as effectively as possible.

The Science Behind TENS Machines

In order to tackle the prevalence of period pain like dysmenorrhea, a strong, quick, and easy approach is optimal. The solution lies in the power of electrical stimulation. When the small pulses of low volt electricity reach the point of tension, the nerves are scattered, or scrambled. The nerve’s makeup is then off balance and they are unable to send proper functioning pain signals to the brain. Also as a result of nerve stimulation, your body produces small amounts of endorphins that act as natural pain relievers, similar to how your muscles can stretch easier after endorphin releasing exercise.

Why is the Livia a Safe Drug-Free Alternative?

Livia is a completely safe TENS machine for your period pain that you can use on a regular basis. A general way to think about it is if the pain is there, Livia is an appropriate call of action. This exterior method is safer than the invasive pain killers you’ve likely risked putting into your body in the past. The low voltage allows for safe use whenever it is needed.

Using electricity in this way, instead of a drug based form of relief, accomplishes a similar method of pain relief without long term damaging effects. Instead of numbing the pain signals, the Livia stops them. This is the long term solution to pain relief that avoids the effects of pill popping. When you rely on tablets, you numb your body’s responsiveness to a drug, which only leads to excessive pill use.

There are also potential health hazards associated with combining certain painkillers by ingesting them one after another with no transition time. The Livia avoids these complications with a completely exterior approach to relief.  Following the advisements of the Livia device itself helps ensure it's doing what it’s meant to accomplish.

Start Safe, Science-Based Pain Relief Today

Buying Livia now gives you the chance to get started in your journey towards defeating your period pain once and for all. For only $149, you’ll get a 120 day money back guarantee plus free shipping, allowing you to discover this new TENS machine with no worries. Livia’s compact size, instant period pain relief, and cute colour selection makes it a convenient and unintimidating solution to the period pain so many women suffer with unnecessarily. As a safe, science based TENS machine, Livia gives you instantaneous control over your period pain at home or out and about. Nowhere is off limits!

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