Get Summer Ready Toes with the Cure-EX!

With beach season fast approaching, some people might be worried about their toenail health. If you find that your nails have become weak, brittle, and unattractive over the Winter months, then we have the perfect solution for you. The Cure-EX is an innovative device that helps increase nail strength and overall health. If you are curious to see if the Cure-EX can help your toenail appearance, read our blog below!

How Does It Work?

By combining low-level laser pulse radiation and visible blue light, the Cure-EX destroys any fungal properties in the nails that may be causing unsightliness.

Even if you don’t think you have a fungal infection, if your nail health has deteriorated it is likely that fungus is the cause. Some fungal infections are mild, but persistent, and cause brittle, weak, and unattractive nails.

The Cure-EX isn’t only used for infections, however. The aforementioned energies help boost nail health, even if the nail is already some-what healthy.

How Do I Use The Cure-EX on my Toes?

To use the Cure-EX and for it to be successful, you will have to use it daily. Without daily usage, you will still see results, but they will not happen as quickly. By being consistent, you can eradicate any fungal tissue in your toe-nails, while also building up your nail strength. Using the Cure ex will completely change the look of your nails, making them look healthy and perfect for the Summer months!

Simply clip the device onto a toe nail and push the start button. Keep it on for seven minutes. You can use the Cure-EX up to 3 times a day if your fungal infection is particularly bad or stubborn. For best results, use the Cure-EX consistently for 3-4 months. While you will still see results before the 3-4 month mark, the most lasting results will be after this time frame.

See if the Cure-EX is right for you! Get Summer-ready nails today, with no side effects. Learn more here!