Is Your Scoliosis Pain Acting Up During the Winter? Turn to Low-Level Laser Therapy.

Remember how when you were younger, your grandma could always predict an incoming storm when her back acted up? As you’ve grown older yourself, you may have also noticed that your pain symptoms tend to get more pronounced when the colder months set in. 


woman with scoliosis back pain

Correlation Between Cold Weather and Chronic Pain

There’s not a ton of scientific evidence to suggest a correlation between colder weather and chronic pain, however, many patients have reported that their symptoms intensify when the weather is about to turn. 

If you struggle with scoliosis, especially during the winter, we strongly recommend opting for cold laser to treat your scoliosis pain. This is an effective treatment that amplifies the healing of damaged tissue and reduces inflammation. Cold laser therapy devices, also known as low-level laser therapy devices, are a great way to treat back pain from the comfort of your own home

Why does cold weather make pain worse? The most popular answer to this is that the tissues in the human body contract during colder months. The muscles, ligaments and capsules aren’t as loose as they are during the summer. The cold doesn’t worsen symptoms per se, but it does create conditions that cause restricted soft tissues and lesser motion, leading to a higher level of pain. 

In short, during the winter, barometric pressure drops, thus the air puts less pressure on the human body, tissues get more room to expand, inevitably putting more force on damaged joints. 

Low-Level Laser Therapy and Scoliosis Pain

Scoliosis refers to the abnormal twist or curvature of the spine. This deformity may be mild but some continue to worsen as the child gets older. About 3% of adolescents show symptoms of scoliosis. 


The most visible symptoms of this condition include; 

- Misaligned shoulders
- Clothes hanging improperly
- One hip is more prominent than the other
- A visibly curved spine
- Protruding ribcage
- Variance in leg lengths


Aside from the onset of bad weather, there are a couple of other factors that could aggravate scoliosis pain. This pain first manifests when the pressure on your spinal disks increases with the onset of scoliosis. 

The spine’s curvature can further irritate the nerves and cause the joints to become strained. Scoliosis will affect your posture, giving rise to frequent scenarios where you might find your muscles becoming easily fatigued. 

Risk Factors

Scoliosis symptoms usually manifest just before puberty. They may also be sex-defined as girls are likelier to have their condition worsen over time. Family history can also play a part in this equation. 

Low-Level Laser Therapy

What is low-level laser therapy? This form of treatment is quite different from the high-intensity light or laser exposure treatments that can often be harsh for sensitive skin. Low-level lasers do not burn the skin at all. This healing light penetrates the deepest layer of the skin to promote cellular regeneration. Seeing as it is a completely safe treatment, many patients are opting for LLLT over surgery and medications. 

This form of therapy is known to trigger the body’s natural response mechanism to promote intrinsic healing. Because the specific wavelength used is non-thermal, there is no risk of tissue damage or other such complications

Benefits of LLLT Devices

LLLT devices like those offered by us can be used safely from the comfort of your own home, while travelling and even at work. 

Here are some of the basic benefits of LLLT devices with regard to scoliosis pain. 


- Accelerates inflamed tissue recovery 
- Boosts cell renewal and improves microcirculation 
- Pre-set with 3 different settings to alter the laser’s penetration for different pain conditions
- Clinically proven to provide effective relief within a short period of time
- The device can be operated for up to 18 hours on a single charge
- LLLT is pain-free and makes medications and painkillers redundant
- Widely endorsed by doctors, therapists, and fitness trainers worldwide

This provides therapeutic relief by allowing light photons to be absorbed by tissues and cells. LLLT decompresses affected nerves and hence, the pain symptoms from scoliosis are relieved. 

Ready to Restore Your Quality of Life?

Your Journey to Pain Relief Starts With LLLT!


Low-level laser therapy offers amazing pain relief benefits. It can help ease your scoliosis symptoms and restore mobility. From muscle pain caused due to a sports injury to migraines, several customers have reported positive results after using LLLT over a period of time. Your success story is next!

Before you opt for this treatment, it’s best to consult with a licensed medical professional. 

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